Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Sunday!

Well it was a busy day yesterday with a ride in the morning and then Mick's for a BBQ in the afternoon. Some of the blokes at work had planned to go for a quick ride in the morning down to Wye River for lunch - it just happened to be the same day as the Toy Ride.
But I figured I could give the Toy Ride a miss for one year. Anyway, only 3 of us turned up for the work ride - 3 others failed to show up!
Maybe it was the big black clouds that put them off.
So it was a brisk ride down to Deans Marsh for a coffee & then I came back while the others continued in the rain down towards Forrest and on to Wye River via Skenes Creek.
There were a lot of bikes on the road - plenty of others that didn't do the Toy Ride!
The afternoon was a relaxing few hours over at Mick & Vicki's eating & having a few refreshments.
The girls looked like they were having a good time too...

Plan is to catch up this Thursday night (17 Dec) at the Wharfshed & make it the last meeting of the year. Be good to have a chat about the calendar for next year & work out if there's any chance we can get a few week-end trips happening. Hope you've all got you lists ready for Santa!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great ride down the Ocean Road with a few guys from work

One of the guys at work that rides a Speed Triple ask me if I fancied a ride on Sunday. I had to think for a minute - I've been out on the bike every week-end for the past few weeks, maybe I should have a week-end off!! It didn't take me long to come to my senses, weather was going to be good & a quick sprint down to Lorne via Deans Marsh & Skenes Creek sounded good - didn't have to think twice!
So today I met up Dave on the Speed 3 & John on the Sprint ST. It was a great day for a burn - we stopped briefly at Martians for a coffee. We needed one after following a guy on a dirt bike along the road earlier - he was all over the corners & flying - did the compulsory mono as he passed Martians!
There were none of the regulars there today, just a few guys on Harleys - an old Shovel & what looked like one of those old 1950s side valve K models - in beautiful condition.
The road winding down through the Otways to the ocean just gets better everytime I ride on it - the smell of the forest and views out over the ocean are spectacular - makes you feel alive!
The Great Ocean Road had the usual traffic for a Sunday but the views made up for the congestion. At one point we were down to one lane with roadworks at Mount Defiance - looks like the roads been sliding into the ocean!
It was lunch at the Lorne Hotel - great calamari & chips!
Dave S did a learner a good turn by lifting her bike off the roundabout when she came off - used the front brake on the corner - big mistake!!
The ride back was slow all the way to Torquay - cars crawling along heading back home after a Sunday drive to the beach. The new overtaking lane just outside Anglesea helps...
I heard earlier in the week that there's a motorcycle forum happening in Geelong next week - apparently the TAC, Vic Roads, Vic Police & Dept of Sustainability & Environment are running sessions to get feedback from bikers. It sounds like the Melbourne session was a big success.
Heres the details if your interested in going: Motorcycle Forums

Saturday, November 14, 2009

BRIGHT – Melbourne Cup Weekend Nov 11th 2009

Well it was all set for a big weekend – a trip that would take us through some of the best motorcycling country in Australia – maybe even the world! I’d ridden over Mt Hotham & down into Omeo on previous trips but never had the chance to experience the Great Alpine Road from Bairnsdale up along the river to Omeo – though I’d heard plenty about it from Mick!

Some of us decided that the ferry from Queenscliff was the best way to start the trip – kick back with a coffee & maybe even see a dolphin or two.

Plan was to regroup in Leongatha & then make it to Traralgon for a quick lunch stop.

The ferry trip didn’t take long - the coffee was like drinking stormwater and the dolphins were having a day off!

First stop for the ferry group was Tooradin for a stretch – I’d just got off the bike when Mal sent me a message that he & Cheryl were already in Leongatha – 30 mins away from us! Someone suggested he’d shit the bed!

It didn’t take long to get to Leongatha & we also met up with Stefan, his friend Joe and Joe’s son Ian. It looked a bit odd to see these guys wearing WW2 German helmets with balaclavas & sunnies – looked like they were about to do a job or had just come of a Steven Spielberg film set!!

Well, after Leongatha it was everyone for themselves – that’s how it seemed! The group totally split up and eventually I ended up in Traralgon with Cheryl & Jane but not another Geelong RAT in site!

Then Mal got in touch – he wasn’t far away with the rest of the group. All but the 3 musketeers met in Traralgon & had lunch – Mick, Murray & Steve had stopped in Sale – they had their sights set on a cold beer in the pub in Bairnsdale!

Eventually, we rode into Bairnsdale – it was a welcomed relief – we were all very hot, sweaty & dehydrated.

Quick shower & it was straight down the pub – a few beers, a feed & then home with a quick stop at the cinema when Stefan tried to convince the girl on the desk to let us all into a movie that had started 20 minutes earlier!

Next day it was an early start with a stop in Bruthen for breakkie. It was just starting to warm up and it was with the Thruxton on its back wheel that we left Bruthen heading for the Alpine Road on our way to Omeo.

It’s hard to explain the Great Alpine Road in words – the scenery is spectacular and the road is just amazing if you ride a bike – twisties, sweepers, hills, straights – it has it all – even a few big bloody snakes in the road!

I had to stop a few times to take it all in & it gave me a chance to take a few photos of the others riding past – or at least try to get them in the shot as they flew past. We enjoyed every minute of that road – can’t wait to do it again one day – Mick was spot on when he said I’d love it… the Speed 3 was humming! Mick took a burn on the Street 3 & reckoned it was a weapon - he's right!

The group split up after Omeo & I rode over Hotham with Steve & Jane.

The best part was the snow on top of the mountain – we just stopped the bikes and ran to the big icy drift on the side of the road – 10 years since we saw that beautiful white stuff! Jane took the Speed Triple & I couldn’t get it back – I still had fun on the Street 3!

Some got into the swimming pool & the others headed off down to the brewery when we got to Bright – that beer is bloody strong! After a few pints it was off to the Alpine for a bite to eat & then back to the hotel with a few refreshments – too many stories to tell from that night & not enough room on this blog! Steve has the photos…

Next day the girls took it easy and stayed in Bright while the boys decided to do the circuit over Hotham to Anglers Rest & then over the top to Falls Creek & back on the Towonga Gap Road.

Stefan was waiting for breakfast when we left the Alpine – we said we’d meet him in Dinner Plain. Just over Hotham and I see this red Honda coming up on my tail – its Stefan – jeez he must have been flying to catch up with us!

A quick stop fo coffee in Dinner Plain and the Blue Duck was the spot for lunch. We’d been joined by Mal’s mate Bruce on his RS – Bruce rides with the Ratbags.

The ride from Omeo to Anglers Rest wasn’t a good one for me – Stefan was about a tyre length from my tail & just sat there. Riding with someone on your ass has to be the worst thing on a tight twisty road when riding in a group. Eventually we made it to the Blue Duck & Stefan did his usual & waded into the river – took his boots off this time!

Next, we were going on the road that had just been sealed in Spring over Feathertop and into Falls Creek. Last time we’d been here Waz punctured a tyre – now it was sealed & should be easy though a few guys told us it was still very loose & rutted.

The road over the top to Falls Creek was a bit rough here & there but wasn’t as bad as I’d expected – loose gravel on corners & some corrugation. But the views were spectacular – thought I’d been drugged and taken back to Ireland or Scotland – even snow! Mal was even frolicking in the snow & wanted to make a snowman!He can't wait for his next holiday on the ski slopes!

I met Waz & Stefan on the road into Mt Beauty – Waz had just passed a couple of guys on Ducati 1098s on the twisties – later they said they didn’t want to risk dropping $30k worth of bike – if only they know…

We were all knackered at this stage & after regrouping at Mt Beauty it was onward over Towonga Gap to Bright. That road was awesome & I was wondering which corner was the one that Steve wanted to have a piss on - the one that treated him unkindly the last time he was there!

It was our last night & we all gathered at the brewery to say good-bye to one of our favourite places. I reckon that beer is too bloody strong!!

It was a warm ride home – especially going straight down the Hume Freeway.

The week-end was eventful – we all learned that a plan helps when we set off on a trip so that everyone stays together & knows whose actually leading the way.

Safety also concerned most of us especially when some individuals are regularly compromising the safety of others!

Most of the guys have been riding together for almost 8 years and there hasn’t been a serious incident within the group in that time – we definitely don’t want one to happen now! But unfortunately it feels like its only a matter of time - everyone let it be known how they felt and unfortunately one person has decided to call it a day with the group. It’s a shame really but we all value our own lives too much & don’t want to watch someone else throw it all away by being stupid.

Anyway, it was an awesome week-end and I personally can't wait for the next one - already thinking about it now – anyone for a trip to Halls Gap after Xmas…

Bright Trip Photos on Flickr

Also - do you know anyone wants to buy a beautiful Triumph Sprint 1050 ST - special deal for friends :-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pinkk Ribbon Ride - Sunday 25th Oct 09

Looks like the Pink Ribbon Ride's going to be bigger this year with the Point Cook Motor Cycle Club organizing the event. Follow the link to their website for more details.
If the weather is okay it should be a good day & a lot closer to home than the previous ones when we had to ride to the Maroondah Dam. Only thing is, Tara Moss isn't gonna be there :-( !!
There's a departure point in Geelong this year leaving from Mercer St at 9:30am - might see you there.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We rode the Great Ocean Road and survived!

That's the slogan I'm gonna have on a t-shirt & have a stand selling them as bikers come back from riding the Great Ocean Road! What a week-end for bike crashes on that beautiful stretch of road - all up 6 bike accidents in the area! Yeah, there were a few idiots that I came across on 4 and 2 wheels!
On a good note, there were lots of very courteous drivers that pulled over to let us past - even a tourist bus pulled over at one point.
And the scenery is just fantastic - makes me realize how bloody lucky we are to have it just an hour away from home.
I don't think I'll be going that way for a few weeks though - the radars (and the Brumby cash registers) will be busy!
We went as far as Apollo Bay & then came back on the Skenes Creek - Forrest road. That's a fantastic road now - especially pulling uphill from Skene's Creek - it looks like it's been resurfaced. One thing I noticed on the way to Apollo Bay was Ollies Corner - it's still as bad as ever with the surface torn up & running off camber - the Street Triple ran a bit wide but recovered well!
We had a bit of practice for the Bright week-end on a few twisties & the Speed Triple was absolutely beautiful to ride. I did get worried when the misses took it for a burn & wouldn't get off it though!! Maybe we need a burnt amber or white one... better stop thinking that way or it'll happen!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What a bike...

Well I've only got out on the new Speed 3 a few times but every time just gets better. I was surprised how different it was to ride from the Sprint 1050 - the riding position, the handling, suspension all fantastic.
The upright position compared to the Sprint does take getting used to - as does the lack of a fairing!
It feels light, nimble and is beautiful to ride though I haven't really tried out its true potential yet - still running it in & sticking to around the 4k rpm - even flashes red led's when I take it up a notch!
The Metzler tyres seem to handle well though I haven't tried them in the wet yet & don't really want to go out in the rain anymore anyway!
The interesting part is going to be carrying luggage for the week-end trips.
There's a couple of options from Andy Strapz that look good & I picked up a Triumph bag from the 50% off spreadsheet at Peter Stevens that's for a Tiger but just needs a couple of mods to the seat fittings for the Speed 3 - might pay not to ride behind me when its on just in case!
Hope the weather's good at the week-end - need to get out & get the kms up before Bright. We're all booked & can't wait.
We had a quick burn down to Torquay on Saturday - just to get out really. The plan had been to get to the bike expo in Bendigo but it just wasn't to be - too many things to do at home & a sick pussy cat. I heard that Mal & Cheryl made it so look forward to hearing about it when we next catch up.
We stopped on the way back at Barwon Heads bluff to take a look at HMAS Canberra awaiting her final voyage to the bottom of the ocean just beyond Ocean Grove beach - doesn't seem right throwing all that good metal away!
Next big events are the Moto GP, Pink Ribbon Ride (25th Oct) and the Mods & Rockers (25th Oct too!)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bright Trip Cup Week-End - 31st Oct - 3rd Nov 09

Details of accommodation for the Bright Cup Weekend Trip

Depart Geelong on Saturday 31st October - destination Bairnsdale:

Saturday night - 31st Oct
Mitchell Motor Inn
Rates $90 for Geelong Triumph - Queen Rooms and Apartments with 5 beds

Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd November
Bogong View Motor Inn - Bright
Call Leanne on 57551422 & tell her your with Geelong Triumph - $50 deposit
Rates $90 Single; $100 2 sharing; $115 3 sharing

Leaving Bright on Tuesday 3rd November and coming back via Whitfield Road

So far there's about 11 booked in for the trip - should be a great week-end!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

For Sale - Sprint ST 1050

Well I've finally took the plunge and bought the bike I've been yearning for since I first took one for a demo ride last year. So, the Sprint's up for sale. I've always traded in on new bikes before but this time thought I'd have a go at selling the Sprint myself. I've listed on but thought I'd take advantage of this blog as well.

So here are some details in case anyone browsing this blog just happens to know of some lucky person that want's to be the new proud owner of this beautiful bike. Also, if I sell to someone that tells me they got a referral from someone reading this blog then I'll make sure a commission goes to the blog reader!

Here's some details:

Colour: Caspian Blue
Year: 2005
Kms: 34,000

Excellent condition bike that has always been garaged and dust covered.
Great bike for sports or touring Carbon Fibre Hugger/Chain Guard, Tail Tidy, Scotchcal paint protection film on high contact areas and fairing leading edge.
Full service history with 2 new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tyres and brand new chain & sprockets
Comes with all original parts and full workshop manual on CD
Also have tank bag, throw-over bags and ventura rack & bag that I can negotiate with the bike or will sell separately if anyone's interested.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thunderbirds are go!

I had a quick chat to Waz today - he's just got back from a 3 day trip up north were Triumph provided 10 Thunderbirds for dealer test rides.
It sounds like they're an awesome machine & definitely the way to go if anyones after a big cruiser. He's definitely been smitten by the T'Bird bug - reckons they're amazing to ride - handling, power, braking all very impressive - maybe the best cruiser on the road!

Here's some photos I got from Waz.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demo Day - Sat 12th Sept

I was in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and happened to come across the demo rides happening at Peter Stevens in A'Beckett St. I stood there looking on wishing I just had a spare lid in the boot of the car. The new Bonnie SE caught my eye and as usual the Speed Triple gave me a warm glowing feeling!
I found out the following week that Geelong Peter Stevens were having demo rides on Sat 12th Sept - last Sat. So I got booked in on the Bonnie & asked for the Speed Triple straight after. The bad news I was told on the phone was that the Speed Triple wouldn't be there! Ah well, I thought, at least I won't be tempted!
Saturday morning came & I headed in for my ride on the Bonnie. I got in there & Craig tells me they've managed to get a Speed Triple...not good! I booked in for the Speed 3 straight after the Bonnie SE.
The Bonnie was very different. Handling was impeccable and the thump of that twin with the Arrow 2-1 pipes made it even hotter. The rumble when giving it a bit in 4th went right through me - awesome. I barely got out of 4th gear the whole way around the demo route. The smaller front wheel makes it turn into corners with ease. I couldn'd fault it except to say it does feel a bit on the small side but that might be just because I'm used to the Sprint.
Then it was time for the Speed Triple... what can I say except that I was smiling from ear to ear all the way - what a bike! Power, handling, braking, style all wrapped up in a neat package. Anyway, got back & put a deposit on one!! Now just have to sell the Sprint - so if you know anyone that wants one...!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ride Day - Sunday 30th August 09

Well it was a wild day on Saturday so it was a big surprise to wake up and see blue skies on Sunday morning. It didn't take me long to get out of bed and on to the Sprint - all this wild weather leaves few opportunities to get out on the open road - can't wait for the summer sunshine!
Mick (silver sprint) pulled up at Texas just after me & soon we were joined by Warren on the Thruxton - we heard him before we saw him - that arrow exhaust sounds awesome!
I'd been out for a ride a couple of weeks ago with a mate & he took me to this great little organic cafe in Inverleigh so I recommended it to Waz & Mick and we were soon on the road heading for a hearty breakkie - an organic one at that!
We were lucky with the weather and took the alternative route out through Ceres, through Gnarwarre and onto the Hamilton Hwy.
The breakfast was as good as I remembered from the last time - maybe even better! Definitely recommend it if you're out that way - its on the left service road just after the pub.
The way back took us into Winchelsea and then onto the Cape Otway Road to Moriac and home. It was a great mornings ride with great company too.

There's a few events coming up in October - hope to get along to some of them:

Mods & Rockers - October 25th - first heard this from Daytona Dave as he's going on the scooter! There's a group leaving from Geelong - see Warren in Peter Stevens for details

Bendigo Bike Expo - October 3rd & 4th - first regional bike expo - being held at Prince of Wales Showgrounds - predicting 10,000 people will attend

Pink Ribbon Ride October 25th - leaving Mercer St at 9:30 with bands and a festival at Point Cook

Southern Classic Broadford
- October 3rd & 4th

There's also a trip to Bright in the planning stage for Melb Cup week-end. Thinking about leaving Friday 30th Oct riding to Bairnsdale and then on to Bright via Omeo & Hotham on Saturday 31st Oct. Then staying in Bright Sat & Sun nights and ride back on Monday 2nd Nov. All welcome. We'll discuss it more at the next meeting at the Wharfshed on Thursday 24th September

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sad week-end for Geelong RATs

It’s been a sad week-end for us all with the news that our good friend Mick L lost his battle with illness in the early hours of Saturday morning.
He was a charismatic and fun loving bloke & defintely had one of those magnetic personalities that affected everyone that met him.
I can still remember him on our week-end trip to Bright a couple of years ago standing on top of an outdoor table at the back of the pub at about 1am giving me heaps for going to bed early!
No matter how busy he was in the Peter Stevens shop, he’d make time to come over shake hands & have a chat about something that almost always ended with his hearty laugh.
I’m sure everyone in Geelong RAT that knew Mick will remember him as a bloke with a great sense of fun and a “nothing’s too hard” attitude.
My thoughts and I’m sure the thoughts of the guys I ride with go out to his family & to his good mates at Peter Stevens in Geelong who I’m sure are devastated.
I’m sure we’ll all ride together again one day Mick.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Can't beat pouring rain & wet roads

Well I finally got the new chain & sprockets on the Sprint. In the end I got the Triumph chain & sprocket kit - makes it a lot easier as it comes with the exact size DID chain, OEM sprockets and the locking washer for the front sprocket.
Some might remember me saying I was getting a wobbling feeling when I backed off on the throttle or changed down - I even thought the back wheel nut was loose at one point!
Well I found out why - when taking off the front sprocket, the weight of the wrench was enough to turn the nut - it's supposed to have a torque of 132NM - so the factory stuffed up on that one - big time! The front sprocket was wobbling on the shaft... lucky it had a locking washer on the spliced shaft!
Well it's fixed now and the nuts back on at the right torque - so it pays to check your nuts once in a while!
The chain got a good test today - I went for a burn with David S - he rides the black Speed Triple. It was cold, wet and up through Forest & out through the Otways the roads were drenched but it was a great ride. We stopped briefly at Martians for a 'pick-me-up' coffee & caught up with Martin who wasn,t even tempted to take us up on our offer to join us on our mission to Lorne via Skenes Creek.
We had a good lunch at the Lorne pub & headed back via Deans Marsh. The Sprint was minging when I got it home - the chain had a good workout & felt fantastic. Now I just need to get it serviced - maybe next week.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Last Ride Day on 31st May 09

Well its finally turned a bit chilly but not too bad considering its Winter - out on the bike the aches & pains are a good sign that we're not getting any younger.
Up in the northern hemisphere ridng in minus temperatures was normal, even in snow - wearing jeans, pair of Doc Martins and a Levi jacket minus the sleeves - hard to believe now when I'm freezing even with 3 layers of clothing and its 12c!

Its this time of year when that exhaust under the seat of the Sprint is very appealing!

The calendar has a break over June - I'm not sure if anyone turned up last Sunday anyway.
A few of us did the May ride to Deans Marsh. It was a great morning and great to catch up with a few old faces a Martians. Stefan was there on the bonnie - those exhaust modifications were too much for some of us - riding in his wake was like riding behind a tractor. I think he was going to put the original exhausts back on - too many of us told him the mods sounded crap!
I had an e-mail from the Point Cook Motorcycle Club - they're orgainsing the Pink Ribbon Ride this year and there's a departure point from Mercer St on the day - 25th Oct - see link for info.
Hopefully the week-end will be as good as the last one - I should have a new chain on the Sprint on Saturday and hope to get out on the road Sunday.
Might see you on the road...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ride Day - 3rd May 2009 - Wye River

We all met at the Max on the last Thursday of the month & Wye River was chosen as the destination for the Sunday ride.
First, a quick one about The Max - it was disappointing to hear that the owner had called the police to have Stefan move his car off the pavement - if I didn't know better I'd think he didn't really want us there - cramping his style - only my opinion but there others that have the same view! At the ride on Sunday we all agreed to go back to the Wharfshed for the Winter break - Muz is happy with that idea!
It was a great turn out for the Sunday ride - about 13 bikes. Great to have Mark and Spook from the Triumph Owners joined us for the first part of the ride to Martians - Deans Marsh. There was also a
few new faces - Wazzer on the T-Bird (beautiful bike), Gary on the bonnie & Dave on the Speed Triple.
It was a good ride out through Moriac and onto the Cape Otway Road.
The plan was to ride to Lavers Hill, then on to Apollo Bay and Wye River.
Things quickly changed as the temperature dropped and the sight of fog and black clouds rolling in over the Otways became a dismal prospect. So, a diversion to Deans Marsh to regroup in Martians car park. Coffee wasn't possible as Martians was packed with a group from a classic bike club
A decision was made to ride on to Forrest and then down the Forrest/Skenes Creek road to get on to the Great Ocean Road - sounded good.
Those black clouds we'd seen earlier opened up as we got to Forrest - it absolutely poured & I had problems seeing the road through my viso
r - especially through sunnys! The sunnys were quickly ditched - it was so long since I'd ridden in rain I'd almost forgotten what it was like - great test for the Michelin tyres on the Sprint!
It was good to make it out of the rain & out into dry sunny weather once we reached Skenes Creek. We all regrouped & burned on to Wye River and a well earned lunch.
Stefan was on form and treated us all to a lemon tree irrigation demonstration before we left - don't think he know a couple sitting in the restaurant had a full view!
It was a good ride back along the Ocean Road & then to top it off we went the back roads into Deans Marsh - on dry roads - perfect! A quick coffee at Martians & then we all said farewell & headed home. Gary & Stefan hadn't fuelled in Lorne so it was touch & go - luckily they made it to Moriac & filled up.

Mal's Birthday Ride 22nd Feb 09
As I was getting the photos from the camera I realised I hadn't written anything about Mal's birthday ride on 22nd Feb - seems like it was yesterday!
It was a great ride to Daylesford & the girls even presented Mal with his own mini cake - complete with candle. Warren had brought the Thruxton out - it sounded awesome and flew!
Here's a little video of Mal blowing out his candle!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tasmania Triumph Rally 2004 - 5th Anniversary

Well its hard to believe that is was 5 years ago this month when the Geelong RATs landed in Tasmania for the Triumph Rally.
It's still up there with the best 10 days I've ever spent anywhere and with the best bunch of people. A friendship was forged in those 10 days that will last forever. So to commemorate the 5th Anniversary I've dug out our theme song - remember the one Leigh told us we had to sing at the Triumph dinner but it never happened.
But, never mind, when we got to Strahan and after a few beers to celebrate Mal's birthday, the whole pub heard us sing it!

So here it is again - sing along if you want - goes to tune of Frank Sinatra's My Way.

TASSIE 2004 - Geelong RAT Anthem
Verse 1
And now that we're all here
I think its t
ime that we should mention
Geelong the home of Cats and Triumph Rats too many to mention
We've road the Ocean Road
And scraped our knees on every corner
But more much more than this we're here in Tassie

Verse 2
And scrapes, we've had a few

But Trumphy takes us through it safely

The laughs, the jokes and fun

Our Triumph is our ole matey
We know we wont get lost

The girls they have their maps of Tassie

And Pete
's out there in front
He's pre
tty snazzy


Then there were days were some would go

Off road in
dirt and through the trees
The corner came and disappeared

But little Dave was on the rear
The front wheel barely on the ground

He thought he was going the speed of sound

He wants to be like Bruce Anstie

But he mus
t be dreaming

Last Verse

And now as I look around
Its time to thank
Our friends
at Triumph
Who brought us all here

As one, big happy family

We'll not forget this trip

Nor let M
al forget the kill switch!
But more much more than this
We love you Ta

Friday, March 06, 2009

World Superbikes - Phillip Island 1st March 09

Well it was a wet & windy day when Murray, Mick, Jane & me boarded the 7am ferry bound for the World Superbikes on Phillip Island. We all convinced ourselves that the weather would get better - after all, it would be a miracle if it rained after so many days without a dribble!
It's always a lovely way to go relaxing on the morning ferry. Good thing Murray warned us about the ferry docking being rough - a few bikes have been dropped as the ferry bumps sideways into the docking bay - it did it this time too but we were ready!
It was a smooth ride to the Gippsland Hwy - got passed by a bloke on a BMW doing about 180km/hr - turned out he was a cop on an unmarked bike - separate rules for them!
Once we got to the island first stop was Doohan corner where we set up camp & soon were sheltering form the rain - it was pissing down - and cold...
Once the first WSBK race came on the weather had cleared & we weren't disappointed by the racing. It was great to be able to cheer on a fellow Ulsterman as Johnny Rea led the pack off the grid on the Honda 1000 RR. The lead was soon taken byNori Haga on the Ducati 1098R. Those Ducati 1098's can go & there was always a couple of them in the top 5 leaders. The new firing order on the R1 sounded awesome - like a big twin.
Troy Corser put on a bit of a show on the BMW, sliding through the corner before the straight and smoking up the tyre! Unfortunate that they didn't get placed i their first race outing. The Aprilia with Max Biaggi on board had a good race but missed out on a place as well.
Then there was Gary McCoy on the 675 - our hopes were dashed!
There were lots of Triumphs there & 1098 Ducatis everywhere you looked! That was even a 'Pete' replica!!
We made it back through the made rush avoiding the nutcases and just missed the 6pm ferry - good excuse to stop & have a quiet beer & wait for the next one.
Once underway we were treated to an exhibition of dolphins swimming & jumping throught the ferry wake.
It was a long day but we all thoroughly enjoyed it - even the weather turned out good.

Go Johnny Rae for the rest of the season!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ride For The Hills - Bush Fire Appeal Ride

I had these details sent to me - anyone interested?


All funds rais
ed will be directed to Red Cross Bush Fire Victims Relief 2009

Date: Sunday the 5th of April 2009

Starting: Pier Road, St Kilda - by the Catani Gardens.

Assemble: From 8am, there will be speakers at 10am

Departing: 11am for Whittlesea
Arriving at destination at around 1 o’clock.

See for more information