Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The cold weather is slowly disappearing!

Just looked out the window of the office and those blue skies are looking good - maybe I should have a sickie for the afternoon & ride off down to Lavers Hill - now wouldn't that be good!
I've just been reading the report published by the UK magazine MCN on the new Street Triple - very impressive and some great photos of Kevin Carmichael testing it to the limit... have a look and see what you think!
The line up looks good with colours to match its big brother the Speed Triple.

Another great additional is the matt black Speed Triple - a bike with real attitude that one...

I just looked at the calendar and realised the meeting is on this Thursday night 26th July - its the first one at the Peter Stevens shop - good chance to have a look around and add to the shopping list.

An unfortunate incident for Mark on the Speedmaster last week-end - riding along Mercer St when the pizza delivery boy from Pizzaland pulled out of the side street without looking - knocked Anne & him off the bike and to top it off he drove on and delivered his pizza - dickhead! Anyway, they're both okay and the bike came off with some minor damage - those Speedmasters are unbelievably tough.

Also heard from PJ a few weeks ago - he's moving to Melton soon and can't wait to come on a few rides with the Geelong group. He'd just got back from a Ulysses trip up north & had a great time.

If you've accessed the TriumphRAT website recently you'll have noticed that its been refurbished and is now looking quite swish - it would have been a big job and they are still updating some of the links. So, the photo album is currently unavailable until the conversion to the new site is finished. The existng link on the menu bar will take you to the TriumphRAT main web site.

Anyway, hope to catch up with some of you on Thursday night.

Friday, July 13, 2007

At last I get to update the blog...

Well, it’s been a crazy time lately and the blog has sat quietly without any updates! So, now that I’ve got a minute or two I thought it would be good to add all the stuff I should have added weeks ago…

The biggest change for all has been the realignment of the RAT group with Peter Stevens – if you need more info go to the Peter Stevens website or go into the Geelong store and see Mick or Warren. The calendar is now posted on the Peter Stevens website under RAT Downloads - you can download & print a copy. I’ve also put a link in the menu on the blog. http://www.triumphmotorcycles.com.au/ratdownloads.html

The last ride I took part in was the Sunday June 10th when we rode over to Deans Marsh & then continued on to Birregurra for lunch.

It was a cold morning and when we got out to Moriac the fog was so thick it was hard to see even the bike in front – great to have a good memory of the road on days like that!
It was a great morning ride and good to have a few of the girls back riding with the group again to keep the boys in line!
A couple of weeks later I popped out on the bike and stopped at the Wharfshed for a coffee – who should pop in but Bruce – our most famous RAT Leader!

He’s looking fit & well and we exchanged a few memories of that time we had down in Tassie a few years ago. Hopefully, he’ll get to some of the meetings in the future.

The NSW Triumph Rally in Port Macquarie is on 10th – 13th August 07 – for anyone that’s interested in going get details from the Triumph Australia website or contact the organiser Pete Reagan on 0402 254 203.

The next meeting is at the Peter Stevens shop on Thursday July 26 – see you there.

By the way - do you recognise the tough guy on the Harley!!!