Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ride Day - 10th Feb 08

Hepburn Springs was the destination for last Sundays ride. It was great to see a couple of new RATs coming along with David on the Speedmaster and Jason & Zoe on the Thruxton. All up there were 6 bikes and Warren brought along the daddy of them all - the Rocket III.
The ride up through the Brisbane Ranges is always awesome and this was no exception (even better when we saw the cop patrol car heading in the opposite direction!)- we were a bit chilled when we reached the bakery in Ballan - the coffee felt good to warm the hands as well as going down well with the famous Ballan apple cake - Ollie recommended it years ago and its still as good as ever! Zoe needed a bit of time to get the feeling back in her hands!
David took off back to Geelong and we all continued on the cruise to Hepburn Springs via Blackwood, Trentham & Daylesford. Beautiful country out there - just like riding through the old forests in England.
We all caught up over lunch & a bloke pulled up on restored Triumph 650 twin - sounded great - if only Leigh had been there to ask all the questions!
The lunch at the pub was huge and it was difficult staying awake on the way home - but it was a good cruise back to Geelong.

The meeting at the Max was a big success so the next one's going to be there as well - see you there on Thursday 28th Feb.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ride Day - Jan 13th 2008

It was a good turnout for the first ride of 2008 with 8 of us turning up on 7 bikes early on Sunday morning.
PJ's back riding with the group again as he's now living closer in Melton and finds it easier to travel down to Geelong.
The Speedmaster's in pieces again so he was riding the flying red Daytona! Great to see Murray again in the saddle & back on the ride days too.
Warren led the way on the new 675 Street Triple & our first stop was Birregurra for a morning coffee.

There's a great little general store in the main street that does a great breakfast & a wicked long black!
There was a market in town and a lot of activity. At one point ex-Transport Minister Peter Bachelor walked by but Pete decided to keep it to himself - for his (the ministers) protection! (if you commute on the infamous "fast train" you'll know what I mean!!

We took off from Birregurra and headed to Apollo Bay via the Skenes Creek Road - it's a dodgy road in places with bitumen torn up very bumpy around some of those bends.
The Street Triple looked like it was enjoying it and so did PJ until he went in hot and did a bit of dirt riding throwing up dust from the roadside!

Next stop was Apollo Bay - it was crazy with people & traffic everywhere! A quick decision was made to head to Wye River where we'd have lunch in the pub and then head back via Deans Marsh & home. As alway, the view from the balcony on the Wye River pub was awesome and the grub good too.
Getting back through Lorne was a crazy as Apollo Bay - it's definitely a time to avoid the coastal towns.
It was a quick run back up along the Lorne Deans Marsh Road and the home after a quick stop in the Marsians Cafe in Deans Marsh.
A beautiful days riding and all home safely.