Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer's almost here again...

Well it's been a long Winter this year, or at least it feels that way for me anyway. I just don't know how I survived living through those Winters living in the UK with minus temperatures & riding bikes in Levi jeans and a Wrangler jacket! Now it's thermal underwear & I'm still freezing - must be getting old!

It was good to get a text from Muz a few weeks ago to let me know there was a ride to Deans Marsh with Olly & a few of the lads.

I heard Martin bought a new Duke & it great to catch up & hear how the new bike matches his other pride and joy - the Street Triple.

They told me about the recent trip to Rawson with the Berwick club and unfortunately it had again resulted in disaster with one of the guys coming off on a wet corner and going through a fence - he survived but with few broken limbs. Apparently they rode on farm roads that had so much cow manure that Martin had a top dressing for his roses when he washed his bike at home!
It was good catching up with Andy - he's off to Tassie again in November to the Ross Rally.
This morning a took a quick burn over to Deans Marsh to catch up with Mick. I'd just changed to oil & filter on the S3 & it was good to hear that engine humming with some beautiful new syrup lubricating the pistons. It should hum even more when I get those arrow pipes on there!

As usual there was a good show of bikes at Martians & after a quick coffee we got on the road to Lorne with Cape Patton our destination.
The Great Ocean Road was it's usual self with tourist buses everywhere - even had tourists getting their photo taken by our bikes when we pulled up!
The scenery's great but the roads terrible - water over the road on corners and huge potholes where you just don't need to have them when you're on 2 wheels. It was still good to get out & get into some corners.
I was hoping to see a whale or two but the only ones I saw were on those tourist buses!!
We had an encounter with a Daytona 675 SE on our travels - beautiful bike with an underseat arrow pipe - sounded absolutely awesome!
Mick's Daytona looks great with some new accessories - double bubble screen, high pipe, seat cowl.
Mick mentioned there's a trip being planned to Bright on the Cup week-end - sounds like a great idea.
We're off to Adelaide to catch up with the nuke red S3 so won't be around - maybe we'll get a chance to get up there before Xmas - gotta be one of our favourite bike riding spots.
Hope to see you on the road...