Monday, October 30, 2006

Pink Ribbon Ride - 22nd Oct 06

The Pink Ribbon Ride was over a week ago now - doesn't time fly... anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning as it was a good day out and for a great cause. A few of us rocked up at the Wharfshed on Sunday morning and the Pink Ribbons were distributed.
Pete on the Speed Triple reckoned he didn't need anymore pink - he reckoned he had enough - hang on, doesn't he keep saying his bikes nuclear red - not pink!
Well the weather was perfect and 5 of us set off for Melbourne and met Mel & Cheryl on the way. PJ was going to be there on the Daytona so we'd meet him at the venue in his usual set up including pink leg warmers!
The bikes gathered at the Bunnings Store carpark in Vermont and it was an amazing sight to see 1000+ bikes gathering for the annual ride & fundraising. We all got our barcodes so that we could have a free breast scan (kills men as well!) and after a coffee in Bunnings we were ready. The police gave a quick briefing and then it was time to fire up & get on the saddle.
Tara Moss was there at the front leading proudly on her new Truimph Scrambler.
Once out on the road we could see how well organised this was with all the traffic lights set to green and the police stopping traffic at all the junctions to keeps the procession of bikes moving as it snaked it's way along the Burwood Highway. It was an amazing sight - bikes as far as you could see.
The scenery is beautiful in that part of the world and as we started getting into the hills of the Yarra Valley it was lush, green and lots of fruit orchards. It was a steady ride to the Maroondah Dam & when we arrived the place was already buzzing.
A band was setup in the rotunda and food was getting cooked up by the local volunteer groups & food vans. Queuing up was a bit of a pain as the event has get so big that the number of people that turned up overwhelmed the caterers!
After another coffee and a burger or hot dog, it was time for the annual Tara Moss photo. We all headed for the Triumph Scrambler and found Tara having her photo taken with the police. What about the Geelong RATS!!
We waited our turn and when we approached her nervously she spotted the Triumph t-shirts & wanted to know where we'd been hiding - suddenly we felt like we were her best mates, from the same club!! With no hesitation she agreed to a photo with us all and we stood proudly with her new Scrambler while Mick did the honours. Mick then made sure he got one with Tara on his own...
It was a great day out and for a great cause - wouldn't miss it!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marysville Weekend & Pink Ribbon Ride

The Marysville week-end is in the calendar to take place on 25th & 26th November. However, it's been changed as accommodation was limited.
The new dates for the Marysville weekend are 2nd & 3rd December 06. If you want to go you need to book as soon as possible as Murray & Mick called in on our way past a couple of weeks ago and managed to put some rooms on hold for a few weeks. When you book tell them you're from the Geelong Triumph group.
Phone Tower Motel on 03 5963 3225.

Pink Ribbon Ride - Sunday 22nd October 06
Well who could forget last year when a group of us took part in the Pink Ribbon Ride to Maroondah Dam. I still can't get that image of PJ in the pink leg warmers out of my mind. Then there was lovely Tara Moss - and she even took the time to pose for a photo with the Triumph boys & girls from Geelong - look forward to chatting to her about her new Triumph Scrambler!
If you're up for a ride on Sunday for a good cause then meet at the Wharfshed on Sunday morning 22nd October for a sharp 7.30am start.
See the web site (link on right side of blog) for details of trip and times - register on the day if you haven't already.

Gippsland - ride weekend (non-RAT event) - 7/8 Oct

A few things have happened since I last wrote to the site and some of you may have heard about the ride some of us did with friends of Ollies in Melbourne. There was about 11 from Geelong (including a couple of jap bikes) and we me up with Ray and the group from Berwick at Yea on Saturday morning 7th Oct. It was going to be a big ride going from Yea to Marysville and then via the Reefton Spur to Warburton and then on towards Moe in Gippsland and ending up in Rawson for the night.
After breakie we went to mount up and the first bad omen was the ambulance parked in front of the bikes. One of the guys commented - "That's good, we've got the escort vehicle"!
The second was when the BMW rider that was the tail end charlie for the group was no where to be seen! After waiting about half an hour in Marysville we decided he was lost - he turned up later in Yarra Valley. It was a beautiful ride into Marysville and at times it felt like we were in a different country - the grass was green and the countryside lush. Then on to the Reefton Spur.
It all started out okay, then we came on to loose gravel and it was rattling around the brake caliper, chipping the paintwork and bouncing of the radiator cowl... no good. Grant got a piece of bark caught up in his back wheel. On stopping at the bottom more dramas - Pete had a piece of wood bounce up from the road and pierce his leather boot - he was okay but had a leaky right boot!
Anyway it was on to Yarra Valley for lunch and a well earned rest. With a full tanks of juice we headed on for our last stage of the journey to Rawson.
Everyone was looking forward to a hot shower and a beer at the bar, putting our feet up & sharing tales of the day.
Then the biggest disaster of all - we were riding downhill on the road to Moe and as we rounded one of the corners we could see what no one ever wants to see - a rider down! A few of the bikes had pulled up in front - we still weren't sure if it was one of us.
Then someone said it was Len that had been riding the VTR - he was on the roadside getting assistance and it was obvious he was seriously injured. His bike was nowhere to be seen!
Then the pieces started coming together and we saw his bike about 6 metres off the road in amongst the trees & scrub. Even though he needed his arm pinned (multiple breaks + wrist broken) Len was lucky that day! We all looked at the bike in misbelief - it was a mess!
Anyway we put it behind us once Len was safely in the ambulance and carried on to Rawson. The guys from Melbourne were great company and even though the day was a disaster, everyone enjoyed the riding and friendship.
The next day was wet - and slippery. At one point the Sprint took a bit of a slide and after that it just didn't want to go round corners - that's my excuse anyway (or maybe it was the passenger!).
The Geelong group parted ways and headed for a relaxing cruise on the Queenscliff ferry.
Ray from the Melbourne group is going to keep in touch with Ollie and let him know the next one - it was a great week-end dispite the mishaps - look forward to the next one - thanks Ollie for arranging it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October's a busy month!

Well there seems to be something happening every week-end in October so it could end up being a busy one. One thing I know for sure - I'm not riding on the Great Ocean Road on a Sunday ever again! I went there last week-end & it was crazy. There were cops pulling bikes over, tourists in cars going at 4o km/hr & pulling up without even indicating and queues of traffic that reminded me of sunny England! It used to be an awesome road even at 80km/hr but now it's a pain in the arse - literally! The views still fantastic though!

Details on the draft plan for Tasmania 07 have been circulated by e-mail and handed out at the meeting. If you haven't got details and want them send me an e-mail & I get them to you. At the moment it's still on the drawing board but you'll need to be quick as I've made a few enquiries with e-mails and the accommodation is filling fast!

It's the Monthly Ride Day on Sunday 8th October (this Sunday). A few of us won't be able to make it but from the meeting last Thursday it sounded like a ride to the Motorcycle Expo was a good idea. Meet at the usual time of 9am for a 9:30 start.

The Southern Classic is on again at Broadford on 14 & 15 October.

A few of us are planning to go for the Sunday racing that starts at 9am. It's $15 per adult and if you want to see some great action on those old machines it's brilliant value for money. Check out the Historic Motorcycle Racing Association website for details. Plan is to leave Geelong Wharfshed at 7:30am on Sunday 15th Oct.

The Pink Ribbon Ride is on again and if you haven't already registered online then you have until Sunday October 8th 2006. Go to the Pink Ribbon Web Site. The ride is on Sunday 22nd October leaving from Bunnings Warehouse - 636 Burwood Highway, Vermont South and riding to the Maroondah Dam for lunch and entertainment. For those taking part, meet at the Wharfshed at 7:30am for the ride to Melbourne.
Last year we had a great day & even had a chat with Tara Moss - wonder what she thinks of her new Triumph Scambler.