Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Planning Meeting

It was a good afternoon for the Annual Planning Meeting with everyone showing lots of enthusiasm. Thanks to Vicki & Mick for their great hospitality.
Some of the main points raised were:
  1. Monthly rides - everyone to turn up at Wharfshed at 9am for a 9:30am start as rides aren't leaving until 10am which is too late especially in Winter
  2. Suggested that Ride Day routes are discussed and planned at the Thursday Monthly Meeting so that everyone knows where we are going before we turn up on the Sunday - then anyone that sleeps in can catch up!
  3. Geoff suggested an organised track day at Philip Island for the group and will get more details from Craig at Peter Stevens as there may be discount via RAT Leader
  4. A full calender of events has been drafted for review by the group and includes:
    21/7 Aussie superbikes at Winton
    10/9-11/9 Talbot Trip
    8/10-9/10 Marysville - Mick getting info
    16/10 Phillip Island Moto GP bus trip
    29/10-31/10 Melbourne cup weekend at Everton - Vicki getting details
    3/12-4/12 Geelong Rat xmas party Holgate Brewhole - Dave Mc getting info
    These are suggestions and need to be discussed further with rest of group at next meeting
  5. Annual Trip - suggestion for the trip this year is a ride up the East Coast and then across the Snowys. Dates are last week in Feb/first week in March 06 - this gives everyone time to book annual leave
  6. Details of the club web site distributed to everyone and a login and password for the Yahoo Calender. Everyone needs to log on to the Yahoo Calender by following the link in the web site and update their e-mail and phone details in the addresses tab. Only those with the login and password can gain access. These details will be available from Craig at Peter Stevens.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Talbot 5th June 2005 - Rideday

Sunday 5th June - Ride Day

It was a great turnout for the first Winter ride. Dave rocked up at the Wharfshed with his new babe (Daytona) before he headed his own way to watch his team the doggies thump the Hawks at Telstra Dome. Ollie was there to wave us off too but couldn't come with us on this one. Janine was back on the Bonnie and it was great to see many of the newer Triumph owners in the group.
Heading up the Anakie Road a sprinkling of rain had just wet our lids when the rays of sunshine started to appear ahead. A quick stop at Anakie to meet Mal & Cheryl on the Trident and it was onward ho!

Plenty of enthusiasm & it was on to Daylesford to meet Rod & Shirley - a quick coffee stop, dunny trip and we were ready. Rod fresh from the hustle & bustle of the UK led all 14 bikes through the winding countryside of the Goldfields to the little hamlet of Talbot. Many will remember Talbot from last year when we stayed at the Court House Hotel and watched the stars in the observatory across the road - some remember better than others!

As usual Kyle & his Mum Annie at the Court House Hotel put on a great roast lunch. The Astronomer from the Observatory stuck his head out his front door but put it back quickly when he saw the Geelong RATs were in town (again)!! Kyle wanted us to stay and even offered us a couple of rooms at discount price. Don't think the Astronomer would have been as keen! Anyway, we had to get home so back in the saddle a fuel stop in Clunes, leak in Meredith & we were back in Geelong by 5.30pm. Another great day of riding with an awesome bunch of people.
See you at Mick & Vics next Sunday 12th June @ 2:00 pm