Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pinkk Ribbon Ride - Sunday 25th Oct 09

Looks like the Pink Ribbon Ride's going to be bigger this year with the Point Cook Motor Cycle Club organizing the event. Follow the link to their website for more details.
If the weather is okay it should be a good day & a lot closer to home than the previous ones when we had to ride to the Maroondah Dam. Only thing is, Tara Moss isn't gonna be there :-( !!
There's a departure point in Geelong this year leaving from Mercer St at 9:30am - might see you there.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We rode the Great Ocean Road and survived!

That's the slogan I'm gonna have on a t-shirt & have a stand selling them as bikers come back from riding the Great Ocean Road! What a week-end for bike crashes on that beautiful stretch of road - all up 6 bike accidents in the area! Yeah, there were a few idiots that I came across on 4 and 2 wheels!
On a good note, there were lots of very courteous drivers that pulled over to let us past - even a tourist bus pulled over at one point.
And the scenery is just fantastic - makes me realize how bloody lucky we are to have it just an hour away from home.
I don't think I'll be going that way for a few weeks though - the radars (and the Brumby cash registers) will be busy!
We went as far as Apollo Bay & then came back on the Skenes Creek - Forrest road. That's a fantastic road now - especially pulling uphill from Skene's Creek - it looks like it's been resurfaced. One thing I noticed on the way to Apollo Bay was Ollies Corner - it's still as bad as ever with the surface torn up & running off camber - the Street Triple ran a bit wide but recovered well!
We had a bit of practice for the Bright week-end on a few twisties & the Speed Triple was absolutely beautiful to ride. I did get worried when the misses took it for a burn & wouldn't get off it though!! Maybe we need a burnt amber or white one... better stop thinking that way or it'll happen!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What a bike...

Well I've only got out on the new Speed 3 a few times but every time just gets better. I was surprised how different it was to ride from the Sprint 1050 - the riding position, the handling, suspension all fantastic.
The upright position compared to the Sprint does take getting used to - as does the lack of a fairing!
It feels light, nimble and is beautiful to ride though I haven't really tried out its true potential yet - still running it in & sticking to around the 4k rpm - even flashes red led's when I take it up a notch!
The Metzler tyres seem to handle well though I haven't tried them in the wet yet & don't really want to go out in the rain anymore anyway!
The interesting part is going to be carrying luggage for the week-end trips.
There's a couple of options from Andy Strapz that look good & I picked up a Triumph bag from the 50% off spreadsheet at Peter Stevens that's for a Tiger but just needs a couple of mods to the seat fittings for the Speed 3 - might pay not to ride behind me when its on just in case!
Hope the weather's good at the week-end - need to get out & get the kms up before Bright. We're all booked & can't wait.
We had a quick burn down to Torquay on Saturday - just to get out really. The plan had been to get to the bike expo in Bendigo but it just wasn't to be - too many things to do at home & a sick pussy cat. I heard that Mal & Cheryl made it so look forward to hearing about it when we next catch up.
We stopped on the way back at Barwon Heads bluff to take a look at HMAS Canberra awaiting her final voyage to the bottom of the ocean just beyond Ocean Grove beach - doesn't seem right throwing all that good metal away!
Next big events are the Moto GP, Pink Ribbon Ride (25th Oct) and the Mods & Rockers (25th Oct too!)