Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What a bike...

Well I've only got out on the new Speed 3 a few times but every time just gets better. I was surprised how different it was to ride from the Sprint 1050 - the riding position, the handling, suspension all fantastic.
The upright position compared to the Sprint does take getting used to - as does the lack of a fairing!
It feels light, nimble and is beautiful to ride though I haven't really tried out its true potential yet - still running it in & sticking to around the 4k rpm - even flashes red led's when I take it up a notch!
The Metzler tyres seem to handle well though I haven't tried them in the wet yet & don't really want to go out in the rain anymore anyway!
The interesting part is going to be carrying luggage for the week-end trips.
There's a couple of options from Andy Strapz that look good & I picked up a Triumph bag from the 50% off spreadsheet at Peter Stevens that's for a Tiger but just needs a couple of mods to the seat fittings for the Speed 3 - might pay not to ride behind me when its on just in case!
Hope the weather's good at the week-end - need to get out & get the kms up before Bright. We're all booked & can't wait.
We had a quick burn down to Torquay on Saturday - just to get out really. The plan had been to get to the bike expo in Bendigo but it just wasn't to be - too many things to do at home & a sick pussy cat. I heard that Mal & Cheryl made it so look forward to hearing about it when we next catch up.
We stopped on the way back at Barwon Heads bluff to take a look at HMAS Canberra awaiting her final voyage to the bottom of the ocean just beyond Ocean Grove beach - doesn't seem right throwing all that good metal away!
Next big events are the Moto GP, Pink Ribbon Ride (25th Oct) and the Mods & Rockers (25th Oct too!)


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Nice big shiny black ones...