Monday, October 12, 2009

We rode the Great Ocean Road and survived!

That's the slogan I'm gonna have on a t-shirt & have a stand selling them as bikers come back from riding the Great Ocean Road! What a week-end for bike crashes on that beautiful stretch of road - all up 6 bike accidents in the area! Yeah, there were a few idiots that I came across on 4 and 2 wheels!
On a good note, there were lots of very courteous drivers that pulled over to let us past - even a tourist bus pulled over at one point.
And the scenery is just fantastic - makes me realize how bloody lucky we are to have it just an hour away from home.
I don't think I'll be going that way for a few weeks though - the radars (and the Brumby cash registers) will be busy!
We went as far as Apollo Bay & then came back on the Skenes Creek - Forrest road. That's a fantastic road now - especially pulling uphill from Skene's Creek - it looks like it's been resurfaced. One thing I noticed on the way to Apollo Bay was Ollies Corner - it's still as bad as ever with the surface torn up & running off camber - the Street Triple ran a bit wide but recovered well!
We had a bit of practice for the Bright week-end on a few twisties & the Speed Triple was absolutely beautiful to ride. I did get worried when the misses took it for a burn & wouldn't get off it though!! Maybe we need a burnt amber or white one... better stop thinking that way or it'll happen!!

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