Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demo Day - Sat 12th Sept

I was in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and happened to come across the demo rides happening at Peter Stevens in A'Beckett St. I stood there looking on wishing I just had a spare lid in the boot of the car. The new Bonnie SE caught my eye and as usual the Speed Triple gave me a warm glowing feeling!
I found out the following week that Geelong Peter Stevens were having demo rides on Sat 12th Sept - last Sat. So I got booked in on the Bonnie & asked for the Speed Triple straight after. The bad news I was told on the phone was that the Speed Triple wouldn't be there! Ah well, I thought, at least I won't be tempted!
Saturday morning came & I headed in for my ride on the Bonnie. I got in there & Craig tells me they've managed to get a Speed Triple...not good! I booked in for the Speed 3 straight after the Bonnie SE.
The Bonnie was very different. Handling was impeccable and the thump of that twin with the Arrow 2-1 pipes made it even hotter. The rumble when giving it a bit in 4th went right through me - awesome. I barely got out of 4th gear the whole way around the demo route. The smaller front wheel makes it turn into corners with ease. I couldn'd fault it except to say it does feel a bit on the small side but that might be just because I'm used to the Sprint.
Then it was time for the Speed Triple... what can I say except that I was smiling from ear to ear all the way - what a bike! Power, handling, braking, style all wrapped up in a neat package. Anyway, got back & put a deposit on one!! Now just have to sell the Sprint - so if you know anyone that wants one...!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yea baby!

Anonymous said...

Ah well Dave you have been talking about getting one for some time now. Good on ya.

Dave Mc said...

Yeah - ur right, time for that change that's been brewing for a while now - can't wait to pick it up - maybe next week-end!