Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great ride down the Ocean Road with a few guys from work

One of the guys at work that rides a Speed Triple ask me if I fancied a ride on Sunday. I had to think for a minute - I've been out on the bike every week-end for the past few weeks, maybe I should have a week-end off!! It didn't take me long to come to my senses, weather was going to be good & a quick sprint down to Lorne via Deans Marsh & Skenes Creek sounded good - didn't have to think twice!
So today I met up Dave on the Speed 3 & John on the Sprint ST. It was a great day for a burn - we stopped briefly at Martians for a coffee. We needed one after following a guy on a dirt bike along the road earlier - he was all over the corners & flying - did the compulsory mono as he passed Martians!
There were none of the regulars there today, just a few guys on Harleys - an old Shovel & what looked like one of those old 1950s side valve K models - in beautiful condition.
The road winding down through the Otways to the ocean just gets better everytime I ride on it - the smell of the forest and views out over the ocean are spectacular - makes you feel alive!
The Great Ocean Road had the usual traffic for a Sunday but the views made up for the congestion. At one point we were down to one lane with roadworks at Mount Defiance - looks like the roads been sliding into the ocean!
It was lunch at the Lorne Hotel - great calamari & chips!
Dave S did a learner a good turn by lifting her bike off the roundabout when she came off - used the front brake on the corner - big mistake!!
The ride back was slow all the way to Torquay - cars crawling along heading back home after a Sunday drive to the beach. The new overtaking lane just outside Anglesea helps...
I heard earlier in the week that there's a motorcycle forum happening in Geelong next week - apparently the TAC, Vic Roads, Vic Police & Dept of Sustainability & Environment are running sessions to get feedback from bikers. It sounds like the Melbourne session was a big success.
Heres the details if your interested in going: Motorcycle Forums

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