Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tasmania Triumph Rally 2004 - 5th Anniversary

Well its hard to believe that is was 5 years ago this month when the Geelong RATs landed in Tasmania for the Triumph Rally.
It's still up there with the best 10 days I've ever spent anywhere and with the best bunch of people. A friendship was forged in those 10 days that will last forever. So to commemorate the 5th Anniversary I've dug out our theme song - remember the one Leigh told us we had to sing at the Triumph dinner but it never happened.
But, never mind, when we got to Strahan and after a few beers to celebrate Mal's birthday, the whole pub heard us sing it!

So here it is again - sing along if you want - goes to tune of Frank Sinatra's My Way.

TASSIE 2004 - Geelong RAT Anthem
Verse 1
And now that we're all here
I think its t
ime that we should mention
Geelong the home of Cats and Triumph Rats too many to mention
We've road the Ocean Road
And scraped our knees on every corner
But more much more than this we're here in Tassie

Verse 2
And scrapes, we've had a few

But Trumphy takes us through it safely

The laughs, the jokes and fun

Our Triumph is our ole matey
We know we wont get lost

The girls they have their maps of Tassie

And Pete
's out there in front
He's pre
tty snazzy


Then there were days were some would go

Off road in
dirt and through the trees
The corner came and disappeared

But little Dave was on the rear
The front wheel barely on the ground

He thought he was going the speed of sound

He wants to be like Bruce Anstie

But he mus
t be dreaming

Last Verse

And now as I look around
Its time to thank
Our friends
at Triumph
Who brought us all here

As one, big happy family

We'll not forget this trip

Nor let M
al forget the kill switch!
But more much more than this
We love you Ta

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