Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ride Day - 3rd May 2009 - Wye River

We all met at the Max on the last Thursday of the month & Wye River was chosen as the destination for the Sunday ride.
First, a quick one about The Max - it was disappointing to hear that the owner had called the police to have Stefan move his car off the pavement - if I didn't know better I'd think he didn't really want us there - cramping his style - only my opinion but there others that have the same view! At the ride on Sunday we all agreed to go back to the Wharfshed for the Winter break - Muz is happy with that idea!
It was a great turn out for the Sunday ride - about 13 bikes. Great to have Mark and Spook from the Triumph Owners joined us for the first part of the ride to Martians - Deans Marsh. There was also a
few new faces - Wazzer on the T-Bird (beautiful bike), Gary on the bonnie & Dave on the Speed Triple.
It was a good ride out through Moriac and onto the Cape Otway Road.
The plan was to ride to Lavers Hill, then on to Apollo Bay and Wye River.
Things quickly changed as the temperature dropped and the sight of fog and black clouds rolling in over the Otways became a dismal prospect. So, a diversion to Deans Marsh to regroup in Martians car park. Coffee wasn't possible as Martians was packed with a group from a classic bike club
A decision was made to ride on to Forrest and then down the Forrest/Skenes Creek road to get on to the Great Ocean Road - sounded good.
Those black clouds we'd seen earlier opened up as we got to Forrest - it absolutely poured & I had problems seeing the road through my viso
r - especially through sunnys! The sunnys were quickly ditched - it was so long since I'd ridden in rain I'd almost forgotten what it was like - great test for the Michelin tyres on the Sprint!
It was good to make it out of the rain & out into dry sunny weather once we reached Skenes Creek. We all regrouped & burned on to Wye River and a well earned lunch.
Stefan was on form and treated us all to a lemon tree irrigation demonstration before we left - don't think he know a couple sitting in the restaurant had a full view!
It was a good ride back along the Ocean Road & then to top it off we went the back roads into Deans Marsh - on dry roads - perfect! A quick coffee at Martians & then we all said farewell & headed home. Gary & Stefan hadn't fuelled in Lorne so it was touch & go - luckily they made it to Moriac & filled up.

Mal's Birthday Ride 22nd Feb 09
As I was getting the photos from the camera I realised I hadn't written anything about Mal's birthday ride on 22nd Feb - seems like it was yesterday!
It was a great ride to Daylesford & the girls even presented Mal with his own mini cake - complete with candle. Warren had brought the Thruxton out - it sounded awesome and flew!
Here's a little video of Mal blowing out his candle!

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