Sunday, July 05, 2009

Can't beat pouring rain & wet roads

Well I finally got the new chain & sprockets on the Sprint. In the end I got the Triumph chain & sprocket kit - makes it a lot easier as it comes with the exact size DID chain, OEM sprockets and the locking washer for the front sprocket.
Some might remember me saying I was getting a wobbling feeling when I backed off on the throttle or changed down - I even thought the back wheel nut was loose at one point!
Well I found out why - when taking off the front sprocket, the weight of the wrench was enough to turn the nut - it's supposed to have a torque of 132NM - so the factory stuffed up on that one - big time! The front sprocket was wobbling on the shaft... lucky it had a locking washer on the spliced shaft!
Well it's fixed now and the nuts back on at the right torque - so it pays to check your nuts once in a while!
The chain got a good test today - I went for a burn with David S - he rides the black Speed Triple. It was cold, wet and up through Forest & out through the Otways the roads were drenched but it was a great ride. We stopped briefly at Martians for a 'pick-me-up' coffee & caught up with Martin who wasn,t even tempted to take us up on our offer to join us on our mission to Lorne via Skenes Creek.
We had a good lunch at the Lorne pub & headed back via Deans Marsh. The Sprint was minging when I got it home - the chain had a good workout & felt fantastic. Now I just need to get it serviced - maybe next week.

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