Monday, October 24, 2005

Pink Ribbon Ride

It was a warm sticky morning that saw just 3 bikes turn up outside the Wharfshed for the ride to Melbourne to take part in the Pink Ribbon Ride Day. The weather was looking good but we were prepared for the storms that had been predicted later in the day. With pink ribbons fluttering we set off up the highway to meet PJ & friends at the West Gate Services.

As we pulled up at the Westgate Services we saw PJ – you couldn’t really miss him as he stood out in his pink gloves & leg warmers with his bike decorated in pink bows and he’d even brought along a pink teddy for the ride. We were now 9 and it was a brisk ride through the tunnel and out Toorak Rd to the Burvale Hotel. The atmosphere was awesome in that hotel car-park with bikers of all size, creed and race mingling, chatting, taking photos and generally looking pleased that they were there to support this great cause.
Then it happened, the girls came out of the hotel and told us they had seen Tara Moss – our dreams had come true! There was pink everything - I laughed at one hardened biker standing by his Harley having a rollup and wearing a pink skirt & boa – it was one of those days were anything went!

A quick briefing by the Police and we were off led by Tara Moss and her husband. The police bikes were brilliant and did a great job getting us through the traffic junctions and making sure we had right of way at the lights. We passed all types of bikes from beautifully restored Vincents and Norton Commandos to race replica Fireblades. On one part of the road the bikes in front and behind were as far as we could see – just lines of bikes off into the distance.
Pulling up at the Maroondah Dam we were welcomed by a rock band giving us some Led Zeppelin, Sabbath & Whitesnake - real music!. It was true biker comradeship.
Determined to get a photo of Tara Moss the boys headed in her general direction. Paul moved in quickly and with some sweet talking managed to convince her that a photo with the Geelong RATs was an opportunity she couldn’t miss. Mick managed to slip in and get a photo with her on his own! As well as good looking, she’s a beautiful person and showed compassion and commitment to all those around her that had been affected by this terrible ailment. She even had a laugh when Paul told her to get her tongue out of Mick’s ear!
After some lunch we decided it was time to get home before it rained. From Healesville it was a steady ride to Yarra Glen and then a couple of us took off to try the twisties over Christmas Hills and into Diamond Creek for a quick coffee before hitting the Western Ring Road and home. It didn’t stop when we hit Geelong! It was off to the Tannin Bar for some refreshments and after a couple of platters of Turkish bread & dip we finally said good-night.

It was disappointing to see the low turnout from Geelong but hey – such is life! For the ones that took part it was an experience to remember. Meeting & chatting to fellow bikers, sharing stories and seeing the support that the biker community is prepared to give was heart-warming.
Check out the MRA Photos.
Anyway, we can’t wait to do it all again next year – hope to see you there.

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