Monday, October 10, 2005

Monthly Ride Day - October 05

It was the smallest turnout this year for the October Monthly ride with just 3 bikes rolling up to the Wharfshed. Despite the small numbers we were still determined to have a good time and decided that a ride to Lorne for breakfast via Ceres, Moriac & the Otways National Park was well overdue. A brief shower of rain hit us as we passed over the Barrabool Hills but passed quickly. It was fairly dry roads all the way to Deans Marsh and then wet twisties as we descended into Lorne through the Otway Ranges. We pulled up outside the Arab Café and ordered a hearty breakfast.
It was a beautiful day and as we sat in the sunshine we noticed a lot of interest gathering around the Thruxton. Photos were getting taken and Paul was in his element as the interest was clearly with his bike alone! Turned out they were 3 American tourists all the way from the Californian Desert region – great biking country they told us. They were all keen motorcycle enthusiasts and it was good that Leigh was around to answer those technical questions!
It was time to set off again and it was a great ride back along the Ocean Road with very little traffic & dry roads – that was until we hit Torquay – it absolutely poured down. Anyway, we were home by 2pm and quickly dried off. It was a good morning - I reckon there’s a lot to be said for those short morning rides that get you back home early afternoon to finish off all those little jobs before work on Monday – maybe we should do them more often.
Catch you all at the Pink Ribbon Ride Day on Sunday 23rd October – looks like there’s already a lot of interest out there!

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