Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Broadford - Southern Classic Oct 05

**NEW! Check out Mick's photos on Geelong RAT Album
The Southern Classic Motorcycle Racing was the place to be seen last weekend with riders from all over Australia putting on a gutsy performance.
A few RATS travelled up the highway to spend an awesome day watching some great racing. The smell of two stroke filled the air and brought back memories of the good ole days! Most of us had ridden one or many of the bikes in the "forgotten era" races that included RD350, GS1000, 750Four, Z1000 etc.
After signing a form to agree we attended the riders briefing we were allowed into the starting grid area to experience the noise and smell of bikes like Nortons, Trumphs and there was even a restored Vincent.
The biggest thrill was watching those classic sidecars take the corners sideways - a bit like watching speedway on bitumen! Mick (red sprint) took his Canon digital SLR & got some great photos with a telephoto lens - look forward to seeing some of those in print. The local scouts served up lunch and there was good ice cream & real coffee!

The only downside was the flies & dust - the bikes and our gear was covered!

It was a great day and I'm sure everyone would agree that we look forward to next year.

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