Monday, February 28, 2011

Just flew into Hong Kong

Well its 1:45am in Australia & 10:45pm here in Hong Kong - we've just arrived in Hong Kong airport and have a couple of hours before we board for the second torturous leg of the journey to London.
It's an amazing airport, built on a bed of rock formed from demolishing two adjoining islands. The mud on the sea bed had to be removed before the foundation rock could be laid - it took two years for dredgers to suck up all the sea bed silt. It's an impressive site with a terminal that stretches 1.8km. I know all this cause I watched a documentary on the plane!
Best part of this airport is that it has free internet, is spotlessly clean and has fantastic public transport into the city. It's even got a public transport ticketing system that works!
The journey from Melbourne took about 8 hours - feels ok for the first 2-3 then there's just no comfortable position that can be accommodated in that tiny space called a seat. We had access to the business class lounge but it was like taking a toy away from a child when we had to board economy :-) It was good to catch up on some movies & watch the entire first series of The Office again.
So, now its onward to London & 10c...

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