Sunday, January 09, 2011

Arrow Exhausts on the S3

Well, I took the plunge while the AU$ was looking good against the US$ and bought a set of Arrow exhausts for my bike. It was an awesome buy from in Florida with a saving of nearly $500!!
Once I got them in the mail I couldn't wait to get them on - but one problem - they needed a new tune loaded on the bike's ECU!
So, I rang around and the advice from the service department was that I needed to leave the bike in the workshop for a day!
My intention was to fit the exhausts at home, then ride in and get the tune loaded on Saturday morning!
Eventually, I ran out of time with Xmas fast approaching and lots to finish at work before the break.
Then I started doing some reading on the forum (brilliant site for all things trumpy) and found out about a program called TuneECU - it's a free program developed by a couple of guys in Europe that provides access to the bikes ECU - it's brain.
All it needs is an interface cable that just happens to be the same one used by Volkswagon and Audi for tuning cars.
So, straight on to eBay I bought a cable for $20 and downloaded the program with the tune for the Speed 3 with high arrow exhausts.
It was as simple as they said on the forum!! Remove the light fuses, attached the cable to the bike from the computer, turn the bike on, run the program on the laptop and update the new tune - easy! The main thing is to make sure the battery is well charged beforehand.
TuneECU also comes with lots of diagnostic and test options as well as the tuning features. It's all provided free with the option to donate via Paypal to the developers to help them refine it even more. They provided a huge range of tunes for all Triumph motorcycles with lots of support from engineers around the globe.
Once all was loaded and a quick visual inspection, I took off for a burn - what a difference the arrows make to mid-range!
It didn't seem too different to the bottom end though the front does seem to pop up a lot easier now! The weight is the other major difference - the arrows drop a couple of kilos of the bike weight for sure.
I've kept the baffles in the exhausts for now and they still seem to bark... taking them out is simply a case of removing a circlip. If you're looking for anything Triumph then I'd highly recommend The customer service is fantastic and Mike (the manager) makes purchasing online simple.
Only one thing I'd recommend to anyone fitting arrows - make sure you put a medium threadlock on the bolts that attach the carbon bracket to the bike - one of mine came loose & took off on my first big ride!

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