Monday, September 08, 2008

First Ride Day of Spring - 7 Sept 08

Well it was the first ride day for Spring and also Father's Day so I figured it might be the childless bikers ride day! And, that's fairly close to how it turned out! Six of us rocked up and from the meeting night we'd all agreed that it would be a quick morning ride being Father's Day & all that.
The Martians and the Deans Marsh route is a bit worn out so for a change we decided to go via Stieglitz to Meredith and then on to Buninyong for breakie then back via the Ballan Road through the Brisbane Ranges. Buninyong's a beautiful little township that lies at the foot of landmark Mt Buninyong, 11km south of Ballarat - even gets snow in Winter I've been told!

It was great to see Jason back for a ride - he rocked up on the Thruxton.
Then the big surprise, Cheryl introduced us to her new bike - a beautiful shiny Sprint 955 RS - black & spotless. That's two RS's now with Pete on the other one. It's a perfect move from the TT and an awesome looking bike - another addition to the family!

It was a beautiful morning and the ride up through Steiglitz was perfect - that's a great road, plenty of bends and not a bad surface - and the roos stay in the bushes!
The little cafe in Buninyong serves up a good breakie and after a good feed it was back via the Ballan Rd to Geelong. I always thought the weather was bad in Ballarat but when we got back into Geelong the black clouds opened and down came the hail - it was a massage on two wheels!
We all talked about a week-end trip & it looks like Port Fairy is coming up on the calendar - time to find some accommodation and get it organised - should be good.
Hope all the Dads had a great day - especially the one's that got their breakie in bed...
Catch you at the next meeting.

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Ah, breakfast in bed, lovely