Sunday, December 16, 2007

Street Triple - I want one too!!

I'm still smiling every time I remember little of bits of what it was like riding the Street Triple today!
Martin gave me a call and it was on for a quick burn this morning.
We met at Little River and took a burn up through Serendip and on to Anakie and the Brisbane Ranges.
The bike is awesome & just amazing to ride. Lots of grunt and sounds fantastic - nothing like I'd expected.
Going from the Sprint it felt lots smaller and lighter - just a fun bike with heaps of character.
Martin couldn't wait to get it into those twisties through the Brisbane Ranges and it was all he expected and more - now we both want one!
If you get a chance take one for a burn - I'm sure you'll have a ball - like we did -
check out the video!


shu shu said...

The best part of this video is the chuckles at the end. Sounds like you boys were having too much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of speed fours Tiddle’s had a little oop’s yesterday on his speed four, he’s ok but the bike is a bit sad.

Anonymous said...

As long as he is ok. Speed Four????
Would that be Street Triple or Thruxton ????

Anonymous said...

That would be a street triple!