Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bikes by the Bay & Rawson

BIKES BY THE BAY - Sunday 25th November
It was a good day in Williamstown a couple of Sundays ago for the Bikes by the Bay rally.
The event is organised by the Williamstown Motorcycle Club and attracts everything from the latest & flashiest to the oldest and grubbiest!
There were a few bikes there that drew the attentions of the crowd, such as the Triumph chopper that had been built from the ground up and looked awesome - we weren't sure how it would get over a bump but it looked good and was a credit to its owner.
Then there was the Triumph Daytona with the nickel plated frame, wheels, swinging arm & the list goes on...
The Hells Angels even had a marquee selling t-shirts with "Support your local bandit" splashed across the front!

They had a few sand dragsters there that looked mean with huge car engines balanced in the frame and nitro bottles hanging of the sides.
For those of us that started bike riding in the late 70s there was plenty of nostalgia with Z650, Z900, GS1000, GT750 (water bucket), Z500 (triple), 400 Four, 750 Four and the list goes on!
Then we came across these two Ducati 1098S with the c
ustom tri-colour paint job - they looked even better in the flesh than in the magazines. Best part was they belonged to a a couple - husband & wife - one each!! Now that's living...
It was a good day out and all 6 of us had lunch together in a little cafe before calling it a day and heading home.

Remember - the trip to Rawson is on this week-end. I didn't get to the Wharfshed last Thursday night but spoke to Pete tonight on the phone and its an 8am sharp departure from the Wharfshed on Saturday morning - see you there.

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