Monday, October 08, 2007

Ride Day Sunday 7th Oct 07

Well, after a few months of not getting to any ride days I thought it was about time I get of my arse & get out on the bike. So, I got up on Sunday morning and encouraged by the beautiful morning I headed in to meet up with everyone & catch up.
I arrived about 9:15 outside the shop and was the first one there. Then 9:30 and I was still the first one there. When it got to 9:45 I realised it wasn't going to be a big ride! Anyway, it was a good burn down to Torquay for breakkie & back by lunchtime - beautiful morning! Looks like everyone was at home watching Bathurst! Hope to catch up with you all soon.

MotoGP Practice
There's a few of us heading down to the island on Saturday 13th Oct for the MotoGP Practice. I think the idea is to meet at 7:00am at the Corio Roadhouse and leave about 7:15

I spoke to Pete on the week-end and he also mentioned the Rawson trip on 8th & 9th December. You'll need to book soon as places are limited in accommodation. Person to contact is Fiona on 03 5165 3200

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