Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Pete!

The Lord of the Isles pub was buzzing on Saturday night and it wasn't the Geelong Cats that were causing a stir this time - it was the Geelong Rats!
A surprise was waiting for Pete as he walked in the door expecting a quiet tea with 5 of us... instead there was 14 of us eagerly waiting to have dinner with him to celebrate his 50th Birthday.
It was a great night with plenty to eat and a lush chocolate birthday cake to top it all off. Unfortunately, the pole dancers didn't show up - well thats what we thought they meant when they said there was a surprise at the end for Pete!!

Pete had mentioned earlier a ride down to Lorne and Deans Marsh would be good on Sunday morning meeting at 8am in Torquay - word quickly spread and it didn't take long before there was a group of us meeting on Sunday morning !
Sunday morning came and it was beautiful. We all met as planned at Macdonald's in Torquay and had the usual friendly unmarked cop car playing with his radar on the way into town!
Leigh rocked up on the new Sprint and it was looking swish!

The ride along the Great Ocean Road was beautiful and the scenery awesome as usual - it was good of the Geelong Addy to get the speed limit reduced to 80 - ideal for admiring the beautiful views...
It was a steady pace along the ocean road with our radars spinning for the revenue collectors - then we turned off onto the Deans Marsh Road for a burn up through the Otways to Deans Marsh... a great ride was had by all - we were all smiling when we pulled up in Deans Marsh!
It was great to see Ollie and Ben there at Martians when we arrived and then Martin, Steve and Wayne pulled up - we all had plenty to talk about and the brekkie was great as usual.

Sounds like Ollie's gonna have a good time next week - he's off to Tassie with Steve, Andy & a few of the others.
The next big RAT week-end is Rawson on 8/9 December and it sounds like everyone is getting booked in. The monthly meeting is on this Thursday night 25th Oct at the Wharfshed so details of the week-end trip will probably be discussed then. A few people are also interested in a trip to Bright after Xmas so put your hand up if you're interested in that one too...
Till the next time...

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