Monday, May 21, 2007

Update & latest news

Don't forget the Grampians trip is coming up this week-end - 26/27 May. If you haven't booked already then you'd need to get in quick as places were limited to about 10 people when I rang them a couple of weeks ago.

Tell them you're with the Geelong Triumph group when you call as they're trying to keep us all close together.
There's a few sharing so it might pay to do a ring around before you book if you're planning to go alone - unless you want the place to yourself.
Departure place is
the usual spot - the Wharfshed Cafe around 9:30am.
I've heard the weather is going to be good so it should be a good ride up there but cold at night. I was in Halls Gap a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful - should be a great week-end.

DEMO DAY @ Peter Stevens - Saturday 12 May 2007
For some of you lucky sods there was a demo day at Peter Stevens a couple of week-ends ago. Unfortunately I couldn't make it for the ride I'd booked on the Speed Triple but I heard it was a great day. Malcolm took out a few bikes and provides the following story:
One mans view,
The Rocket was out first and although I must admit I was pretty apprehensive at first, finally got used to it but that said it is a huge beast of a bike, with a riding style I am not used to.I did not feel too comfortable with the massive wide bars and forward foot pegs and controls. Concentration in the traffic was at its maximum as I felt like I was 10ft wide. Not my style.
Next was the Speed master and although the riding position was not dissimilar the weight and shear mass was easier to deal with. It maybe down on power but I felt it has adequate for what it is and the type of riding one would do on this bike. I liked it but I would have to get it breathing a bit better and let a few more horses out.Seat left a bit to be desired as I got a sore tailbone after a while.
Tiger was my choice for the day, it has balls, it has comfort, it has great handling ability, snappy easy to handle, torque and gearing are well balanced and with a good riding posture. If I was thinking of touring that is what I would choose to do it on. I felt as though I could ride it all day. It is a great motorcycle to ride and is versatile at the higher speeds as well as the lower speeds, very smooth.
Thruxton, hmm a fun bike and nice and light to handle with plenty of power for the size. I think this bike took the horses from the Speed master as it certainly pulls a lot harder. At no stage did the bike do anything odd as I put it through the corners, it stayed on the same line even over the bumps. I was impressed.

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