Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 2007 - Ride Day

The May ride took place last Sunday and while some of the Geelong Triumph group decided to go with the Triumph Owners Group to a rally in Melbourne, there were 5 bikes that rocked up for a ride to Hepburn Springs for lunch.
Pete & Leone were out on the new Sprint RS that recently replaced Kermit the Speed Four. As usual it was a beautiful ride out through the Brisbane Ranges with Muz & Mick setting a quick pace (just got back from track days on the island!).
First stop was the bakery for quick refreshments. Funny thing was, we just got off the bikes when a police car pulled up & out jumps the cop. Immediately we waited for the big question "What speed were you doing back there?" Instead it was "Do any of you guys know Shrek?" Well, he turned out to be a great bloke (for a cop) and I'd even be tempted to live in Ballan now... Turned out Shrek was a biker he'd saw stopped on the side of the road and when he stopped to ask him if he was okay he said he'd lost his mates! As the cop got back into the car he shouted back - So watch out for Shrek - and by the way, he's not green!!

Then on to Daylesford and the pub at Hepburn Springs - it still has a Triumph sticker in the window from when it had its connections with Triumph Australia! The food was great and Cheryl caught up with the gang and brought her Mum along to tell us about her early experiences on a motor bike. The Legacy group were having a function in the pub and there were a few questions from the old blokes as they reminised on the days of riding Triumphs.
As we waited for everyone to regroup in Dalesford, we just happened to stop by a big group of HOGs! Well, Mal & Pete just managed to slip out in front of them but for the rest of us we ended up at the back of a bunch of Harleys - going slow just to piss us off!! That road through Blackwood to Ballan is dodgy as it's fast but bumpy & a good place to test your bike for tank slapping!
A quick stop in Ballan and then it was on to Geelong and home. It was a great day out and enjoyed by everyone.

Next week-end is the Grampians on 26th May and everyone is looking forward to the trip and week-end away.

Triumph night at Peter Stevens on Tuesday 8th May - might see you there.

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