Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ride Day Feb 4th 07 & Updates

The monthly ride took place last Sunday and 7 of us arrived at the Wharfshed on a beautiful day ready for anything. It was my first ride with the group for the year and after working in HongKong for a couple of weeks I was looking forward to fresh air and pleanty of open countryside!

Pete made the first suggestion of Lavers Hill and everyone was quick to agree. It was good to meet Jay on the Thunderbird who had come along for his first ride.
We rode out of Geelong via the Hamilton Hwy, cutting through Ceres and on to Moriac and then Birregura for a quick stop and a morning coffee.

I was about to jump back on the Sprint when Mal offered me a ride on the Daytona & without any hesitation I was in the saddle with a big smile on my face! Well, what a beast... its a lot different to the Sprint as the riding position is truly a sport riding position & that 955i motor hums! The only problem was the little voice I kept hearing saying "Its Mal's bike - be careful". It really was an experience as I had ridden a demo Daytona 955i a couple of years ago but nothing like the road I was about to face - into Lavers Hill.

Into a couple of corners & I was backing off - it felt like I had to stay in control as this animal inside me wanted to take over and give it heaps!! I could see Pete in the mirror on my tail & knew he must be thinking 'Whats he doing!" Anyway, we made it to the t-junction where we joined that beautiful twisty road into Lavers Hill. Pete took off past me & I followed him - the Daytona was just purring. We pulled up in Lavers Hill & I jumped off - needed a clean set of pants after the ride through the Otways on Mals bike! The dog leg corner caught me out too - even though I was watching out for it - that ones a bugger of a corner!

It was good to get back on the Sprint & after lunch we rode that beautiful stretch from Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay.
A refuel and it was back via Skenes Creek & stopping at Deans Marsh for refreshments.

**Remember that Marysville is on the week-end 10th 11th & 12th March 07 - if you want to stay in the hotel then you need to book soon as places are limited.


Mal said...

Good story Dave glad you enjoyed the ride. We had a great day out too. Sorry about the change of trousers required he he he.

Anonymous said...

Like the story Dave. Sounds like you all had fun. Is that you on the Shannons ad? Noticed it during Top Gear.....Delina

Beastie said...

Hi Delina - yeah thats me on the ad - still have to keep my day job though!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was haven't changed a bit! (its been a while since we've seen you guys). Have been riding the Bonnie everywhere - Qld, Broken Hill, Adelaide next. Hope you are all well - say hi to all from Dave and myself.......cheers Delina

jay said...

It was a good day too. Beautiful weather, great roads, good group who looked after the newcomer. C U Thursday at the Wharfshed

Beastie said...

Hey Delina - sounds like you guys are getting about - maybe you should pop into the Wharfshed on Thursday night - 22/02