Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Geelong Toy Run 06

Well, it was a small turnout from the Triumph group this year for the Geelong Toy Ride but a huge turnout overall. Despite the extreme heat, 3 of us were determined to give it a go and Mick (red sprint), myself and PJ rolled along with the mighty Harley bike train.

There was more bikes this year then I'd ever seen with estimates getting up to around 1200. Even as we rode out of Geelong there seemed to be a lot more support along the roadside with people waving and car drivers beeping their horns and giving us the nod of approval. There was even a woman on the kerb with a big Thank You sign.

It's always a great day when the public get to see that motorcyclists are nut cases that just want to get themselves killed!
It's heartwarming to see bikers of all age groups turn out with toys strapped to themselves and their bikes so show appreciation for the kids & families that aren't so well off at Xmas. I heard a sad story later on, that the toys that were bound for the Geelong Hospital Childrens Wrd got stolen - some people...
There were quite a few Trumpys there that we didn't know and I saw a guy on a new blue S3 riding it across the grass in Portarlington as if he was on a dirt bike (side ways!).

After a quick stop in Port it was on to Queenscliff and the end of the run - we met up with Paul and also caught up with Ring and Darryl on the Guzzi.
The Toy Ride always seems to mark the start of the Xmas wind down - a bit like the CFA coming around with lollies in the fire truck! It's a good day out and great to see what everyone else is riding and talk bikes. Hope the kids enjoy the toys.

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