Friday, January 06, 2006

What's happening in 2006?

Hope you all had a great Xmas break and are ready to get back on your bikes for another great year in 2006.

There wasn't any official bike riding activity over the Xmas break but there were a few RATs that got together for rides just before Xmas.
I rode up to Daylesford with Mark on the Speedmaster & met Mal & Cheryl on the way. We had lunch and then rode from Daylesford to Woodend via Hanging Rock and then on the Mt Macedon and then back via Gisbourne with a stop in the Irish pub in Bacchus March for a Guinness!
It was a great ride but the heat got the better of us as it was one of those 30+ days. It was a good circuit & one we all should do one day - especially the Irish pub... On the same day Mick and a few of the others rode over to Deans Marsh for lunch.

Thought it also worth mentioning - I received an excellent service from Darren at the Peter Stevens Workshop in Melbourne when I took the Sprint back for a warranty claim for the screen & tailight this week. He even followed up the next day with a call telling me the parts were ordered & he had discussed with Triumph Australia. Customer Service at its best!

Monthly Meeting
The monthly meeting on the 29th December 05 attracted a good crowd and sadly Geoff told us that the Triumph is getting traded for a Honda VTR. I'm sure he will be scraping his knees a bit more on one of those compared to the Bonnie! Leigh was there on the old Bonnie and Paul has made another mod to the Thruxton adding a swish set of pipes that he got imported from France - you can hear him coming for miles! Mark attended his first meeting on his new pride & joy Speedmaster.

RAT Changes
There is still some confusion abut the RAT changes and there are rumours that Peter Stevens want to take more control of the Geelong RAT group. No Peter Stevens representative was at the meeting so we are unsure of the agenda or what is planned for 2006. No calender has been produced as there is talk that this is something Peter Stevens want to own.

For those that don't get the Torque magazine the RAT membership is free for those that want to join - go to then select RAT on the left menu bar.

There's also a survey happening to find out what Triumph RAT could do better - go to to complete the survey form.

It sounds like there are a lot of structural changes on the way in terms of group ownership and more involvement from Peter Stevens - we'll have to wait & see...

Next Ride Day
If the usual format continues then there is a ride day scheduled for Sunday 8th January 06 - first ride of the year. Meet at Wharfshed at 9am f0r a 9.30am start - see you there.

Hope you all have a Safe & Happy 2006

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