Sunday, January 22, 2006

2006 Here We Go Again!

Well, it's taken me this long to write about it but the memory of that first ride for 2006 is still firmly embedded in my mind. In fact it was probably one of the best rides I've been on for a while and probably because the Sprint was pillion free!
There was about 10 bikes that made the trip to Lavers Hill and then on to Apollo Bay and back via Deans Marsh with a stop off at the good ole Martians Cafe. The day had it's moments and it was a pisser that Mick ended up riding on to Apollo Bay as he didn't see us pull off the road for lunch in Lavers Hill - it's happened a couple of times where we've lost people at the back - maybe we all need to take turns at tail end charlie to make sure we all stay together.
I heard later that the police had a blitz on the Great Ocean Road on the same day so it was lucky we turned off at Lorne. It was great to catch up with Ollie at Martians - it sounded like we'd just missed Craig passing through as well.

I've been working in Albury/Wodonga for the most part of the last couple of weeks & took the opportunity to call in & meet the Albury Triumph Dealer & RAT Leader. I met Steve from Whitehouse Motorcycles & he told me that the RAT group were getting the Sunday rides organised & things were going well - they certainly have the weather for bikes - and the roads! He would welcome the riders from Geelong if they are up that way and said to call in or give him a call. The RAT Pack Leader is called Chris. So if you're ever going that way call in & say hello.

There's been heaps of rumours going around about the future of Geelong RAT and the involvement from Peter Stevens. I didn't get to the meeting on Thursday 26th Jan at the Wharfshed but I have heard there's a lot of confusion & misunderstanding at to the way the changes have been introduced with no consultation with the current Geelong RAT group.
Apparantly no one from Peter Stevens was present to bring everyone up to date on the new arrangements so most people are still guessing. I actually got a calender and letter in the mail - must have been because I bought a new bike last year - there's some financial RAT members (paid up to April 06 - pre-freebie) that aren't amused as they didn't receive anything!! Anyway, I'm just gonna keep on riding and enjoying it - stuff the politics & complications - I get that every day at work!
I've been riding with the current group for the past 4 years and have certainly experienced some of the best motorcycling years of my life. They're the best bunch of people to be on the road with. Whats more, it's been great meeting some of the new people that have come along over the past 12 months -they have added even more value through their experiences, knowledge & their individual personalities. Eveyone just fits in - personally I hope it never changes...

There's a few of the group planning to ride to Phillip Island on Sunday for the Southern Classic. Remember those GS1000s, 750 Fours and Z900s - well they're all there on the race track and I read in the MCN that Wayne Gardners getting back in the saddle for a burn.

Plan is to meet at the Corio Roadhouse at 7am for the ride to the island. If it's raining then it's doubtful of many will go - I've been on that island when it was pissing down at a Moto GP & it's not recommended...

I've been a bit slack keeping it up to date lately but the Blog is definitely here to stay. It's not a Geelong RAT website but is instead a journal of my experiences and a way of communicating things of interest with all other Triumph riders out there. I will happily provide access to anyone that wants to get in & have a go. I hope it provides value and helps everyone that rides a Triumph, especially in & around Geelong.

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Love your work Dave, Duke.