Monday, May 30, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere

Not sure how much everyone's getting out for a ride these days but I know my days out on two wheels have been few & far between.
First of all we went to the UK for all of March & then when I got back I ended up working between Hobart & Melbourne. Hobart's beautiful - great food, coffee, scenery and people - check out 'Next Door' in Collins Street if you're down that way - best coffee & great service.
That project finished but then it was off on another one working in Sydney & Brisbane! It's all great for the air miles but not so good for the ride miles :-)
I had a burn a few weeks ago with a few mates from Melbourne. My mate Mark's just bought himself a new Street Triple R & he loves it.
He's already got heaps of after-market bits and there's more on the way. It looks & feels great to ride - seems a little different to the earlier model Street 3 in the riding position - the bars seem flatter and lower. I wasn't sure about those new lights but they're growing on me. Anyway, our ride took us up through Greendale and Blackwood then Daylesford and Hepburn Springs hotel for lunch.
I gotta say, the roads were absolutely terrible - like goat tracks in places with patches on corners to cover holes and really uneven surface - if TAC and VicRoads want to improve road safety then why not start by fixing up the appalling roads - they're outright dangerous for all road users - not just bikes.
Anybody asked where our bike tax moneys going now? Remember, the new state government is the one that promised several years ago to remove it if they got elected... just like the public transport promises - all smoke & mirrors! Maybe we should write to the local member & remind him - especially Denis Napthine as he was the one at the bike protest rally!!
Last week the Speed 3 got another accessory - anodised brake reservoirs. All went well with the back one but then the front one came to a standstill when I realised I needed 2 brake bleeding kits. So, another job to finish next week-end. They do look a lot better than the plastic ones.
The weather in Hobart was beautiful when I was down there working & I couldn't stop thinking "if only I had trumpy down here..." maybe I'll get back down for a holiday later in the year and get to ride on those beautiful roads.
Looks like the local RAT group is kicking off again - I think there was a ride last week-end. I wasn't around so didn't get to join them - maybe next time...

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