Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday Ride & lunch at Otway Estate Brewery

I heard from a mate during the week about a week-end trip he goes on every year. He gets together with a few friends & they do an annual pilgrimage to a little pub in a place called Koroit. I looked it up on Google maps & its just outside Warrnambool. Anyway the pubs called Mickey Bourkes and they reckon it's the best Guinness in Victoria!
Unfortunately, I already had a lot on for the week-end so wouldn't be able to sample the Guinness but could join them for a ride on Saturday.
After a warm 29c day on Friday it wasn't surprising to wake up to hear rain bouncing off the roof - typical Victorian weather! Luckily, it didn't last long & I was soon joining the others waiting for me at the Fyansford hotel. There were quick introductions & a scan of the bikes that included a couple of BMW GS's, a couple of 675 Triumph Daytona's, a KTM RC8 and my mate on a GS500F he'd borrowed for the week-end.
We took off heading for our lunch stop at a brewery on the Cape Otway road. I'd been down that road many times but never spotted a brewery! Right on lunch-time we pulled up at Otway Estate Winery and Brewery - what a great spot. We sat out on the deck overlooking the lake with a small vineyard in the background - heaven! The lunch menu was exceptional & a few of us sampled the amber nectar brewed on the property - only one glass but enough to have us wanting more! The organic cider was good too!
After lunch the fun began on the Cape Otway road to Lavers Hill. I was tailing the RC8 getting into the groove - the road was perfect. Lavers Hill came too quickly & it was time for me to leave the others and head home via Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road.
I wished I was going with them to that little pub in Koroit - sitting by a big fire with a pint of Guinness was very appealing. However, it wasn't to be & I took off for a bit of fun on my own as I wound along the valley and down to the ocean views of Apollo Bay. That's one of the best roads in Victoria on a bike.
It was all fun until I got to Lorne & then it was road-works, rock-slides, traffic and double white lines! Every time I ride on the Great Ocean Road I swear it will be my last - it's the worst road on a motorbike - the views are awesome but aren't so good when stuck behind a bus spewing diesel fumes into your face or tourists stopping suddenly to take a photo of the waves!
Next year, I won't be riding back on my own - I'm planning to throw the bags on the back & get to that little pub for a pint of stout by the log fire.
It was a great ride with awesome company and a great variety of bikes and experience. My mate that borrowed the GS 500 F had a quick burn on one of the Daytonas & loved it - looks like another Triumph will be on the road next year but he's actually thinking of a Street Triple R.
If you're on the Cape Otway road make the brewery a place to stop - you won't regret it!

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