Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plans for week-end trip = Labour Day weekend

I had a couple of interesting photos sent to me by Leigh a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like he was cleaning up his computer and came across some old photos from some of the early RAT ride days & trips.
I remember both trips when the photos were taken - one of them was particularly memorable as we experienced our first flying VFR and a group of bike riders that had more faith than we had! That was the trip to Rawson - after all the events of the previous day when one of the blokes from Berwick wrote off his VFR we were hits with high winds and a gum tree across the road - I remember Leigh looking at me, pointing up to the sky & saying "He did this"! The guys from Berwick had just earlier gathered us in a huddle before we left Rawson to say a prayer!!

The second photo was from a trip to Halls Gap - Murray was out trying to impress the roos... he got more than he bargained for!! We've had a couple of good trips to the Grampians over the years.

The next long week-end public holiday is over the Labour Day week-end in March (6, 7 & 8). So, a few of us had a chat about where we could go when we met at the Wharfshed on Thursday night. First choice was Port Fairy - but the music festivals put a stop to that idea - So plan is to ride down to Petersborough on the coast just beyond Port Campbell and stay Saturday and Sunday nights. We'd do a ride on Sunday - maybe further down the coast or inland up towards the Grampians. Pete's getting some details of accommodatioin & I'll post it here soon.

Sunday ride day - 31st Jan - Plan is to meet at Texas in Mercer at 9am & ride via Deans Marsh, Forest, and Mertons Track to Lavers Hil & then down to Apollo Bay for lunch.

I had a good ride last Sunday with Pete, Murray & Martin - the roads were crazy but it was good to get out for a quick burn. The Ocean Road just isn't the place to go on a m/bike anymore - speed limits, crazy drivers and cyclists make it an obstacle course for motorcyclists!

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