Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Broadford Classic Racing - March 30th 2008

It was a few weeks ago now that we took the trip up to Broadford for the Victorian Classic Racing. The weather was perfect and the racing was awesome - especially watching the Daytona 675s and Thruxton in action.
We had a chat with the bloke racing the Thruxton and he loved it - even the flexing frame!
He was racing a bike that was more or less straight out of the shop - some tyre changes and ohlin shockers and he was keeping up with the best of them. There was a lot of interest in that Thruxton!
The Daytona's looked sleek - especially in the union jack decor - I want one...
Best part was watching those crazy dudes on the sidecars coming around that tight bottom corner - they were screaming through the bend - the green machine was smoking up the tyres! Top marks to the pillions leaning out over the side - wouldn't catch me doing something as crazy as that!
It was a good day out & we all got to see 'Murray Corner'!

The meeting's on this Thursday night at the Max (24/04) - Warren had a chat to them about the early lock down last month so hopefully we can stay a bit later this time. It's the All British this week-end - weather isn't looking that flash though!

Might see you Thursday.

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