Thursday, April 19, 2007

All British Rally - 21st - 22nd April 07

Well it's that time again when the All British Rally takes place in Newstead. It's a great week-end and if you haven't already registered then you can pay at the gate - $35 entry fee. It's a great place to see the best of British - both new and old.

If you're on a British bike then you can ride your bike into the campsite - keep it beside you in the tent if you want - otherwise your bike has to stay outside the camp perimeter.

There's a bar, food and usually a live band so makes for a great week-end.

A group are leaving Geelong on Saturday morning - meeting at the Wharfshed at 8am. There may be a possibility that a ute will be going and you can throw your gear in the back - get in touch with Leigh for details.

Might see you there...

Also, heard there's a naked 675 on the way on July 07 - here's a preview of what it looks like... just added it to the wishlist!!

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