Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marysville Week-end 10-12 March 07

Well where do I start... it was another great week-end away and even better that it was a long one with the public holiday on Monday. It was probably the smallest group that I'd seen yet for a week-end trip but even if it was only me going I'd still have had a great time. It was great to see PJ rock up at the Wharfshed to come on the ride with us to Marysville - especially since he lives in Healesville and rode all the way to Geelong in the morning to ride back with us!
The plan was to ride to Gisbourne for our first stop, then to Yea for lunch and on to Marysville where we'd meet Rod & Shirley. The ride via Staughton Vale was a bit rough at times and on one lefthander the Sprint felt more like a pogo stick! There was a quick stop in Gisbourne for a cold drink as the temperature was beginning to rise & a few pieces of clothing got removed.
It was a casual ride from Gisbourne to Broadford and then the road was fun as it wound its way through Strath Creek, then along King Parrot Creek Road & on to the main road to Yea. PJ looked like he was loving it on the Daytona 600!
We had a huge lunch in the Yea pub at a reasonable price & the barman told us to be careful as the police have a task force in the area riding sports bikes - he told tales of licenses getting suspended!
We pushed on to Marysville where we met Rod & Shirley - they'd been off playing golf - clubs strapped to their bikes! Shirley had won the ladies competition - well done Shirl!
On Saturday night we headed for the pub for tea and everyone had a hearty feed - Shirley shared stories of the local wombat that had horns and a bushy tail - called a gunni apparently.
It got us all wondering and someone made the suggestion we get our gear on, mount up and ride to Stevensons Falls in search of the gunni! Riding at 40km/hr in pitch black, watching for furry animals we eventually made it to the falls car-park enveloped in blackness.
Luckily Leigh had a torch - he has everything in the back-pack!
The stars were unbelievable out there and there was the frequent sigh as a shooting star or a satellite passed overhead! Down to the falls we trekked behind Leigh, but not a gunni did we find - plenty of bats though!

Next day it was down for breakkie at the local cafe & watch all the bikes arrive from the city - poor buggers, they had to go home again!
The local market got some of our money when it convinced Leigh & Murray they needed new work socks and the girls needed new earrings!
We rode down the Reefton Spur to a spot that Leigh had been told held significant historical value - the big culvert and Victorias biggest tree - we found the culvert okay - but think the tree must have been chopped down! We stood inside the culvert - like Rats up a drainpipe comes to mind...

Once we got to the bottom of the Reefton Spur we decided to ride back up it - it was crazy - too much traffic & no where to pass. Next we rode down the black spur to Healesville - much better road with wider corners & plenty of run off - very enjoyable motorbike country.
There were lots of idiots around and the biggest two shot passed us on the black spur on a blind corner leaving a smoke haze - one on a BSA and the other on an original Trident - I laughed to myself when I saw him taking corners on the Trident like he was on a GP bike!
Back up the Black Spur and it was time to lock the bikes up & retire to the pub for a few refreshments.

We tried a few
resturaunts and it was getting desparate when we went to Faggi or Franger as Leigh called it.
Fantastic little resturaunt and even better when a few musicians got out their instruments and played a few celtic tunes - music to our ears!
Next morning Leigh had his muffins & jam as usual (using the butter he got Janey to pinch from the pub!) and then we set off
for the journey home - it was sad to leave it all behind - anyway, great week-end with great company - look forward to May 07 Grampians trip - Halls Gap look out!

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