Sunday, July 09, 2006

Xmas in July - 2006

Well it was another great turn out for the Geelong Xmas in July lunch run and although there was no sign of the white stuff, a chilly breeze cut across Corio Bay to make it as cold as a witch's tit...
There was about 30 planned for lunch, and they were coming from all directions to converge on the little village of Bacchus Marsh nestled between the Brisbane Ranges and Lederderg Gorge.
And what finer place to have lunch but in the local Irish pub - Flanagans. There was a couple of different views on the route so it was lucky we compared notes before departure - but the general concensus was a burn up through Steiglitz and back through Anakie, Staughton Vale then on to our destination and lunch.
Riding through the Brisbane Ranges is always awesome and right now it's just starting to take on new life after the summer bush fires.
It was a quick burn into Meredith and a quick stop to regroup before completing the circuit back through Anakie. The roads were reasonably dry though a bit of moss here & there growing on the road left me a bit nervous - for a second or two! We reached the pub about 11:45 and we were joined by a few others - Rod & Shirley turned up in the Herald & it was good to see John & Burnie again.
The service from the staff was great and the lunch of turkey roast & plum pudding made us all feel like getting up & singing Xmas Carols - if we weren't riding bikes & had a few more of those Kilkennys then I reckon there would have been a few crooners having a go! In fact, at one point during the dinner I'm sure I heard Noddy Holder blasting "Merry Xmas Everybody" - maybe I was dreaming!
Outside there was great interest in the little Herald. It was getting colder so with gusto it was back down the Bacchus Marsh Road to Geelong & home.

Many thanks go to Cheryl for doing such a great job in arranging everything - hopefully next year it will be the same venue - maybe some extras like chris kringle & maybe even an intertable quiz!!

By the way - does anyone know what happened to Santa...

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