Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ride Day - Sunday 4th June 06

Well it was the first ride of Winter and the weather was certainly looking after us. Eleven RATs rocked up on 8 bikes to take part in the monthly ride day. Spirits were high and after a bit of jostling about the route we should take it was a slow getaway (traffic lights were all red) heading south away from Geelong toward Ceres and the Barrabool Hills.
As we approached Ceres the cobwebs were blown off and it was a steady pace through to Winchelsea. The roads were dry and it was more like a Spring day as we got on to the Cape Otway Road and made our way into Birregurra for breakie.
As we pulled up at the little cafe there was already a group of bikers nervously watching us ride into town - funny that they mounted up not long after we got there! Anyway as it turned out they were a friendly bunch and they had some of the best resored bike I'd seen. A Suzuki GS1000 caught my eye and it was unbelievable - looked like it just came out of the showroom - took me back to when I was 18! There was a Honda 400 four and a couple of Triumph bonnies.
Leigh had some info on the Grampians and we all started getting excited as a few ideas started to come out such as mountain climbing, bike riding, abseiling & mini golf - more details on Grampians Trip soon. Another idea that we talked about was getting photos of RATs in their younger years with their bikes and having a "Who are they now" competition on the Blog - I'll send you all an e-mail soon asking for photos and story.
We heard from Leigh that the Wintergarden was cancelled as there wasn't enough people going but some of us had an idea that we should approach Craig again about having a Xmas breakup dinner there for Geelong RATs - will keep you posted.
From Birregurra we rode back to Martians for a coffee and as the black clouds started closing in it was time for a brisk ride back through the twisties and home.

Remember that the Talbot Trip is in two weeks time so you need to book now if you're going. The best accommodation left is Chesterfield House as the Court House Hotel is full.

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