Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Quick Update

It's been a little bit quiet on the blog site recently but lots of things have been happening.

Apollo Bay - weekend trip
A few of the group went down to Apollo Bay last week-end and had a relaxing time courtesy of John B from Melbourne as he let everyone stay in his holiday home. It's a great spot just walking distance to the beach so I'm sure it was a great week-end. Maybe a story or two will follow.

Next Ride Day - Sunday4th December 05
It looks like the online Geelong RAT calender has missed out this Sunday as the official ride day. The calender has been updated and as its the last ride before Xmas it might involve a lunch somewhere cosy. All ideas are very welcome. Meet at 9am outside the Wharfshed for a 9.30am start.

We can have a chat about organising a night out for a few drinks before Xmas on the ride-day.

Geelong Toy Run - Sunday 11th December 05
The Geelong Toy run is on Sunday December 11th starting at 10.30 am from Geelong Harley and finishing at the Charles Hotham Hotel at about 2.30pm. Be good to show off a few Trumpys in among all those Harleys!

Triumph Torque Magazine - Issues with delivery
I've been corresponding with Simon Carter from RAT in the UK as I haven't received the latest issues of Torque magazine. It seems there's been a problem with the distribution in the UK to Australia. Anyway, he's sorting it out and has advised that you should send him an e-mail to rat@triumph.co.uk if you also haven't received the latest issues - especially Autumn as I think the Winter issue comes out next week

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Dave, have you told him what a shit job Peter Stevens do in Geelong