Monday, September 05, 2005

First Ride of Spring - Sept 05

A little bit of fog on the horizon but otherwise looking like a beautiful Spring day. A total of 8 bikes rocked up ready for the monthly burn. A quick decision was made and the destination was agreed - the old goldtown of Maldon for lunch, via Hepburn Springs for coffee and toilet stop. A fast pace was set by Graeme as we passed through the Brisbane Ranges and into Daylesford. A quick stop to check out the local dunny and it was on to Hepburn Springs - the plan was to stop there for a coffee. However, things turned ugly as there was only one cafe & no parking. Like the blind leading the blind we ended up in a Private Car Park just happened to be a Spa & Massage Centre - now wouldn't that have been good!

So onward to Maldon & lunch at the pub - for some! A bit of a split in the ranks and a group of rebels led by a certain mutineer that rides a Bonny, went to the cafe next door for a healthy alternative!

Meanwhile in the street outside it was all action - it looked like the paparazzi had invaded Maldon. The Trumps lined up in the street were the focus of attention and potential David Bailey's were risking life & limb to get the right angle of that famous Triumph badge.

Then they spotted Graeme & Murray! Look out Fabio & Jamie Durie! Look out for them in the next edition of PlayGirl - I heard Paris Hilton has already made some enquiries about a threesome - photo shoot that is!!

Rod & Shirley also joined us in Maldon to make a total of 10 bikes. On the way back we checked out the Loddon River Caravan Park - looks good for a weekend trip.

Rod took the lead to show us some of the back roads and a shortcut back to Geelong. It all started out well but then we started hitting those rural back roads! The bumps still bring tears to my eyes!

When we stopped in Meredith the boys spoke like girls and Dave thought his kidneys had moved up between his shoulder blades - though it might be something other than kidneys that have moved! We all had a good laugh and it was on home to Geelong, saying farewell to Rod & Shirley.

Don't forget, Motorcycle Expo. Sunday 18th September.

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