Monday, August 08, 2005

Last ride of Winter - Sunday 7th Aug 05

Well it was the last ride of Winter and the weather wasn't looking too bad - that is, until that phone call from Mick who was at home looking at the weather satellite on his computer - moderate rain coming from the NW. Ah well, a little bit of rains no problem to a bunch of hardened bikers... and we are riding good old Trumpys from the land of hail & snow.

Ballarat was the destination with a plan to stop at Rod & Shirley's place on the way, meet "Fluffy" their pig and then on to a big log fire & hearty lunch in a welcoming Ballart pub. The thought of that rain quickly left our minds as we fired up those triples. Under a cloudy sky and topped up with a strong coffee 6 bikes set off from the Geelong Waterfront - I almost said "set sail" but that was later!

It was warm tyres and enthusiasm when we turned of Anakie Rd into the road to Steiglitz. The first sweeper is always "wicked" and gets us fired up for that great stretch of road that winds through the historic goldtown of Steiglitz and into Meredith. All's going well & then it happens... those first drops of Winter rain hit the visor! Over to the NW there's a big black cloud - Mick was right!

There was no turning back now & we battled on through the driving rain to Ballarat. I remember singing "Slip Sliding Away" & "I can't stand the rain" under the lid & at one stage it looked like Ollie was on a jet ski - it was definitely weather for ducks & not RATS...

Worse was yet to come! Led by Leigh, we turned off the main road and there it was - a dirt road & wet too - at leat it was sandy & not muddy. Spirits were high when we pulled up at Rod & Shirleys. Rod put a few logs on the fire and we huddled around warming up the bits that had disappeared or we didn't know were there anymore! Some were worse off than others - the more hardened one rode without waterproofs - maybe I meant crazy!! The bikes looked like they'd been on a motocross track - Ollie needed counselling when he saw his pride & joy!

All warmed up we set off for the pub - led by Rod & Shirley in the great little Triumph Herald - lets all start a Triumph car club for the Winter! An awesome lunch was had by all at the North Britain pub - a traditional old pub that even had a Triumph clock on the wall. It felt just like Sunday lunch down the local in good ole blighty! There were lots of comments about the Trumps sat outside from the locals and we even recruited a bloke that's just bought a Bonnie.

We all said farewell & it was off back to Geelong to end another top day of riding & catching up with good friends. It was great to see Rod & Shirley again and for some the chance to meet "Fluffy" the pig was the highlight - there's even been calls for "Fluffy" to become the Geelong mascot!!

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