Saturday, May 21, 2005

Maldon Brekkie Ride

The Ocean Rd was closed but nothing could stop us as we left Geelong and headed for the historic town of Maldon for brekkie. Duke and Sparky had the mean green machine out on the road and looking awesome. A couple of jap bikes accompanied the pride of the British fleet as we cruised up through the Brisbane Ranges meeting Killer & Shu Shu in Ballan - eager to get on our way the usual coffee stop was out of bounds though at one point there was some suspicion that Duke & Sparky had disappeared for a quick one - coffee that is! We sped on to Hepburn Springs & then to Maldon via Newstead.

A hearty breakfast was enjoyed by all and then as we stood around outside telling those tales of fast corners and debating rubber, a moments silence & thoughts for missing comrades (Houdi). Then a big surprise - it was King & Queen Rat - Lethal & Nini Lee who had hoped for a quiet week-end away! It was great to see them - we all miss Janine out on her Bonnie & can't wait to see her back in the saddle.

A climb up the tower on the hill and then it was departure time. Stopping in Newstead to regroup & it was the black TT to lead the charge into Hepburn Springs. What a ride, a few chuckles inside the helmet as Shu Shu led the pack like a pro... she can be my wingman anyday!!

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peter k said...

Sparky couldn’t continue without a quick pit stop.